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Review on Cordiant Snow Cross 195/65 R15 91T winter by Petar Velichkov ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The product disappointed, does not meet the promises.

Choose from the budget segment. Dimension 185/65/14. After the first season, when washing the wheels in the spring in order to put them in storage, I discovered that one tire was poisoning through the spike. For the next season, around the end of January, there were already three such wheels. I did not tempt fate and simply inserted cameras into all wheels, because three of the four wheels were tired of constantly pumping up. Now it’s the third season, and one tire went to waste because I had a flat tire, I went to a tire shop, they showed me the wire, inside and out (a little, 2-3 hairs each), and they said that it’s useless to make a wheel, and it needs to be thrown away. Thus, I now have three wheels, one had to be put with a different pattern in order to finish the season. And there was a beating in the steering wheel, apparently, another tire is on the way, and will soon say hello to me. I don’t understand anything, it has never happened before that a set of rubber was not enough for me for 3 seasons, because there is still a lot of tread, and half of the spikes are in place. Apparently, there is an error in the calculation of the load on the tire. I will never put Cordiant on myself again, because, by coincidence, I also bought Cordiant Sport 2 for summer, and at the end of the third season (without finishing the season) I threw out 3 wheels. And this, I believe, is no longer just a coincidence, but speaks of the quality of the goods. Just threw money away. : 02/07/2022 - the second tire died, the camera just lowered, apparently, the cord climbed from the inside. : 03/14/2022 - I threw out another tire, stood on the front axle, the whole curve visually became, as if a hernia on half a wheel. After 80kmch began to mercilessly hit the steering wheel. Total remained alone, moved it to the rear axle. : 04/18/2022 - That's it, the last tire ran out today. Cord climbed in a circle outside. Protector, oddly enough, still a lot. Draw your own conclusions. I did it already.

  • Good price, good handling, good tread pattern
  • The wheels began to crumble very quickly, the tread does not withstand the load