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32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

The painted shortcomings are more likely to be understood by future buyers, who, as always, want everything and everything, but taking into account that there will always be compromises with a similar price. If you look at analogues from other companies, you will either go to the budget of 20,000+, or get an equivalent with more significant problems in other areas. Otherwise, he coped with the task in the form of a 32 "TV for background playback in the kitchen with a bang.See full review

adapter isa ad02 16 a white/grey 1 pc. logo

I advise Has some pros: Miniature, the design is successful, it feels like it is made with high quality, the appearance is also decent. Some cons: The price tag would be lower, 150, for example, and an ideal adapter in all respects.See full review

pirelli ice zero 225/60 r17 103t winter logo

Thoughts on this notable purchase.There are 4 of them and the same) it was not your case that all 4 and all of different years turned out to beSee full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

I have been operating on Niva-21214 since 2022, 4 sets have traveled 80-100 thousand km each, but the last one had to be thrown away after 20 thousand, wear is just before our eyes, now all in thought what to take?See full review

wheel rim skad le mans 7x16/5x108 d65.1 et46, 8.64 kg, selena logo

Pros below: Appearance, strength, balancing with the new tires Nokia Nordman 7 was a maximum of 66 grams on one wheel, on two 53, on the fourth even less Got cons: I didn’t reveal it, we’ll see during operation how the reagents affect the paint and how they tolerate irregularitiesSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Choose from the budget segment. Dimension 185/65/14. After the first season, when washing the wheels in the spring in order to put them in storage, I discovered that one tire was poisoning through the spike. For the next season, around the end of January, there were already three such wheels. I did not tempt fate and simply inserted cameras into all wheels, because three of the four wheels were tired of constantly pumping up. Now it’s the third season, and one tire went to waste because I had a See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

I bought for a summer residence. It works quietly and consumes little electricity. Three glass shelves, cools well. I really liked him.See full review

gasoline lawn mower gld-420, 146 cm3, width 42 cm, 40 l// denzel logo

With its pros: Bought to replace electric. Wider swath, undeniable power, takes on tall grass. Starts with a light jerk, really very economical. May work for a significant amount of time. It can be washed with water! Compared to electric, I coped with the site faster, despite the shortcomings listed below. Got cons: Small container for collecting grass. If you do not keep track of the filling, then the mulch begins to gather around the knife. Heavy. It is problematic to mow under trees, in cornSee full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

Has pros: The prefix would have come if it were not for the courier from . . Its cons: As usual, such a current in , the courier 🚚 did not get through 👍🏻See full review


The tablet is worth the money. it is for those who do not play, but work. Yes, you can play, it will pull all the games that are on Andrew. the chip itself is in color reproduction, which is important for designers and artists. I installed 4 drawing programs to test the stylus. comfortable. magnetic. accurate. texture retouching is easy. a plus for you will be like a 2 monitor when working with a huawei laptop. if you have itSee full review


With its pros: Everything that is said in advertising with confidence after 10 years on spikes, I said to myself there is no better. Thanks to the manufacturer Has some cons: All its minuses are covered by pluses, but to buy it every three years or 70,000 tons of kilometers.See full review

engine foam decoking lavr complex, 400 ml, ln2510 logo

Its pros: Nice strong tool! The foam lasts a long time and works better than Valera. At Valera, the foam quickly settles and the cleaning effect is not the same. Laurel is stronger and better. Some cons: The tube is just a mockery, like a pig's tail. The output was this, the electrode is protected from welding and the ends are on electrical tape.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

I'm a big fan of the bridge. The main advantage is that it was pumped up once, ballanced and forgotten. For the entire period of operation. That's how it was with all my breeches. On different machines, different sizes, and different seasons (winter, summer). For me personally, this is the most important parameter. It was Yokohama, very comfortable. Really quiet and soft, but . , the resource is a third less. By the way, for puzoterok on rough asphalt, I think Yoka AC02 will be the best choice. See full review


Has pros: Good model in the budget segment. A large battery, drove from the station to the dacha for 6 kilometers on asphalt and 1 on a flat dirt road and back. There is still a little left in stock. Different cons: Lack of rear suspension and pneumatic tires. If you ride on the Hong Kong tiles, it’s scary for a scooter.See full review


We ordered CE285A, the seller sent us CE28. We applied many times for a refund, but there was no response. After that, our staff replaced his charcoal cartridge with our old one, which was usable, but it ran out after less than 500 copies had been printed. Has pros: We ordered CE285A, the seller sent us CE28. We applied many times for a refund, but there was no response. After that, our staff replaced his charcoal cartridge with our old one, which was usable, but it ran out after less than 500 cSee full review


Pros: The drums sound good. Not for the record, of course, but purely to monitor what you are playing so that you don’t spit. Doesn't spit, good barrels, presenter, toms, cymbals. Listened in the ears of Beyerdynamic. Got cons: 1. Pedals. The pedals are just about nothing. It was impossible to save on this. They will constantly leave from under their feet. The barrel and hat should have normal pressure pedals, not floor lamp switches. 2. Second, it is the main thing. Zero connection to PC. The See full review


The M84 kit was bought on the official website of the manufacturer a month ago. I have no complaints at the time of writing. Delivery went smoothly, paid upon receipt to the courier. After testing, the equipment works, checked all functions. It remains to learn how to connect to a smartphone.See full review

philips fc8293 powergo vacuum cleaner, red logo

I chose according to the criterion up to 5000. I looked and tested in the store, turned it on and brought my hand to the suction hole. He sucked harder than anyone, a little worse than Samsung, but Bosh turned out to be nothing at all. Before that, I had LG and Bosch, many here write that they need power adjustment! Fuck it is not needed, LG had power control, and turning on the handle, and a plastic container BUT ! ! Nichrome he did not vacuum! It was better with Bosch, the motor burned out aftSee full review


Personal review from a consumer.Pros below: The price is adequate. Quality - SUPER! Complete set - norms. Has some cons: A little high price, but justified by the quality.See full review


Got pros: It is very easy to twist / turn, you can shoot not only the street, but also inside the cabin. The fastening is very strong. There is wifi, an understandable application. Has cons: It seemed to me that the signature radar detector does not warn about the presence of cameras too late, about 300-350 meters. Of course, this is not enough.See full review

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