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Review on Smart lamp Yandex E27 8W 900lm WiFi RGB YNDX-00018 by Adam Turczyk ᠌

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Never buy this product.

I highly do not recommend. I bought this device, installed it in a floor lamp. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, because. two columns live in the house, including Station 2.0 and a TV box. And it works and the installation was easy. This is me to the fact that the "Smart Home" application has been downloaded, and I can say that this is not the first time I have come across it. There is experience, so to speak. And yes, an engineer. But not in the case of this sweetheart. I screwed it into a floor lamp, nothing foreshadowed trouble. Actually, the floor lamp has a plastic base - this is so, by the way - then you will understand. And dances began with a tambourine when the light bulb was connected. Like any engineer, he is used to working according to instructions. Intuition is not our method. I opened it and went, as if according to the checklist: step-by-step. Yeah . she is not. Ok, there is a support chat for that. A separate cauldron in hell for those who replace telephone communication with chat. This is when you stand and fill small letters on your phone . cursing and remembering with an unkind word the "creators" of and others like them . The chat operator with the help of no way - stupidly (precisely stupidly) sent me instructions, which by that time I had already read . and . recommendation: reconfigure the router. Yeah, given that I have a rented router under the Beeline Internet program and there are no admin passwords for it. Dancing with tambourines lasted for an hour: I reset and tried and checked that it was a 2 G network (yes, yes, these devices only work on 2 G and the phone must be connected to the 2 G network). In general, it all ended with the fact that the too smart light bulb did not work, and I decided to replace it with an ordinary, stupid, but working one. And then . voila, instead of twisting out, the light bulb separated from the base, and the swirling part remained there, in the base of the floor lamp. So I didn’t understand, either I got a marriage, or all the light bulbs from are like that. Wrote in support of amazon. I'm waiting for an answer.

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I thought some pictures would be helpful, so I added them to my review.


  • Probably there is, but I never managed to use these advantages.
  • Connection problems. Design defect.

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July 04, 2023
Cool toy) Notes had to start somewhere with the Smart Home. A good start!))
July 04, 2023
With its pros: Good quality, bright, fast connection Some cons: I disconnected from the internet a couple of times.