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chandelier led estares riplex round 108w r-700/500-white/white, 108 w, color: white logo

There are pluses and minuses, think before you buy.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Room 22 square meters is enough. But there was light around the perimeter. As if there are still not enough spotlights around the edges .See full review

tire prefabricated zero (band) iek ynd10-4-11-125 blue logo

Occupies 5 slots wide. The height is standard, like an automatic. The tires themselves have different diameters, but still everything can be fixed: it holds in the largest 1.5 sq. mm, and fits into the NShVI in the smallest PuGV 6 sq. mm.See full review

iphone 12 logo

I chose a Megafon seller, received my phone the very next day. The phone is new in a film, original, I chose it for other countries, it works fine. I went from my old Iklaud, all photos, chats from messengers were restored.See full review

antonio banderas blue seduction for men eau de toilette, 100 ml logo

Arrived in a film, with a lid - it does not close, as a result, part of it has already been sprayed under the lid (the coating got wet and crumbled)See full review

14" laptop huawei matebook d 14"nbl-waq9r 1920x1080, amd ryzen 5 3500u 2.1ghz, ram 8gb, ddr4, ssd 512gb, amd radeon vega 8, windows 10 home, 53010ttb, space gray logo

Nice price, good quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice and stylish laptop for the money. Great for studying, and the performance is enough to play light games. I ordered from the official website, so I also received wireless headphones and a backpack from HUAWEI as a gift.See full review

portable bluetooth speaker bt speaker zqs-8210 high power universal logo

A good balance of price/quality, recommend it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

the specifications say that the kit includes an aux cord, but unfortunately we didn’t have it, plus the remote control was cracked - it’s good that it still worksSee full review

mfp laser hp laser mfp 135w, b/w, a4, white/black logo

In general, I recommend buying a B/W laser printer as well, since a similar color one costs 35k more, and there’s really no point in laser color printing, if you want to print photos, take an inkjet LSNCH, but be aware that inkjet ones don’t like downtime. This one I bought in general for 19259r. from the amazon warehouse on January 17, 2023. And this model, despite its compactness, will allow you to scan an image (including in color) and make copies (b/w).See full review

smart lamp yandex e27 8w 900lm wifi rgb yndx-00018 logo

Never buy this product.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I highly do not recommend. I bought this device, installed it in a floor lamp. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, because. two columns live in the house, including Station 2.0 and a TV box. And it works and the installation was easy. This is me to the fact that the "Smart Home" application has been downloaded, and I can say that this is not the first time I have come across it. There is experience, so to speak. And yes, an engineer. But not in the case of this sweetheart. I screwed it into a floor laSee full review

55" tv samsung ue55au8000u 2021 led, hdr ru, black logo

I bought it in MVideo, after 2 days a marriage came out (white light of a small area on the matrix). Changed without problems, marriage happens, let's look at work in the long term. Lesson: buy in normal stores with an adequate quality policy. Smart TV is smart, all the necessary applications are in the store, AirPlay works without problems. The TV itself has the necessary range of settings to organize everything for yourself. A handy application from Samsung (on a smartphone) for the first setuSee full review

chandelier led ritter viloria 52001 6, 128 w, number of lamps: 1 pc. color: white logo

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I liked it, the Remote is working, I held the button, as in the instructions, the chandelier blinked once and then changed the brightness and modes with the remote, batteries included. I installed it with a dialer, they can also change the light modes - you need to turn it on / off twice and the mode will change. Room 17 is installed - a children's room, it illuminates normally, but we added four more gx53 ceiling lamps around the perimeter, it illuminates a rectangular room well in this form. ASee full review

cordless drill driver nocord, 20v, 2x1.5 ah li-ion, in a case + 24 pieces of equipment, ncd-20.2.15.c logo

Fits the description completely, very satisfying.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was looking for a budget Shurik instead of the burnt budget Shurik Resant. By the way, Resanta served at 100, if it weren’t for tough exploitation, she would have lived for a long time. Shurik's body is molded perfectly without any complaints, well, just high quality. How much "like" time will tell! But for the money I have not seen anything more interesting.See full review

adjustable pliers - spanner 250mm knipex kn-8603250, 52 mm (2") logo

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Arrived well packaged and lubricated. They put a chocolate coin as a gift, perhaps due to the fact that I ordered it on the first of January. A trifle but nice The wrench is convenient, suitable for all nuts for home plumbing. It is important that this new version has a little more extension of the jaws, the old model can no longer be put on some nuts. The handles are rubberized but the hands do not squeeze, it is convenient to work. Who doubts whether there will be pressure in the hands, everytSee full review

🎥 logitech c270 webcam: crystal clear video and superior quality logo

Because it has so little competition, I decided to get a new computer, but if I had to do it all over again, there is no question that I would go with the C270. She has excellent quality; if you want better quality, you will have to pay at least two costs for this camera, and not everyone has an Internet connection that is as good in both directions. She has excellent quality. There is nothing simpler than tapping the "Video call" button to begin a discussion; unlike other cameras, there is no nSee full review

📱 black xiaomi redmi note 5 global smartphone - 6/128 gb logo

Outstanding mobile device for the price. For the past few months, I've been using the worldwide version, and I've come to truly enjoy it. User-friendly and doesn't cause any issues whatsoever. You will need to be aware of the fact that you should not expect it to do flagship functions, since this is obvious. Some pros: - Capacity of the battery - Primary camera - A practical aspect ratio for the display - A deficiency in both delays and brakes - The most recent version of Android - The cost - ThSee full review

women's, men's, folding umbrella xiaomi zuodu fashionable umbrella black logo

Functions normally both when open and when closed. The handle should not be relied upon. With its positives being: Green umbrella. Compact, handy. anti-wind, eight spokes, and a fabric that repels water. Use a zipper to close the cover. Below are some downsides: The weight exceeds what was promised. The umbrella itself weights 288 grams, while the case is 332 grams. The difference is evident when compared to the previous umbrella, which weighed 218 grams.See full review

sculpt comfort mouse h3s-00003: win7/8 bluetooth, hdwr black for en/xc/xx amer users logo

An outstanding mouse, I recommend using it as a Bluetooth mouse; but, if you require one that also has a whistle, I suggest going with the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse instead. PS The experience with Razer mice, Logitech mice, HP mice, MadCats mice, and Microsoft mice has demonstrated that Microsoft mice are superior than the others, although there is, of course, potential for further development. Concerning the functioning of Bluetooth: it is reliable, there are no malfunctions, and if you leave theSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 5, blue logo

With its positives being: Display that is lightweight, comfy, and of good quality. Maintains a charge for an extended period of time. Different drawbacks: the native strap is not particularly user-friendly, and the Band2 option is preferable. On the other hand, the strap is interchangeable.See full review

enhanced metallic gray creative sound blaster ae-9 logo

There is no special alternative for combining good sound and gaming lotions now. I bought to replace the burnt Asus Essence ST, which lasted 10-12 years.See full review

hankook tire ventus prime3 k125 195/50 r15 82v summer logo

Got pros: Late in 2022, the tires have a clean appearance and appear to be straight. I have not yet investigated the qualities of the driving yet. It appears that, as a result of the, the only tires that can be imported into the country are those that were manufactured in China; earlier, as far as I am aware, tires were imported from Hungary. With these drawbacks: A product of China. On the other hand, I really hope that the level of craftsmanship is consistent throughout.See full review

enhance your audio experience with sony wh-1000xm4 wireless headphones and knox gear mount bundle logo

Fantastic over-ear headphones for extended periods of time (five hours or more). Perfect in every way. The high-quality sound and equalization settings make them suitable for a wide variety of listeners. A good microphone will make your online chats more pleasant. The question is irrelevant if you plan on eating in WH3. Observable improvements to the new version are denoted with a (*). Everyone will be able to evaluate their own situation and determine whether or not an upgrade is necessary. InSee full review

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