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Review on Get Your Pup Looking Fabulous: SHELANDY Pink Pet Hair Force Dryer With Built-In Heater For Dog Grooming And Blowing by Tammy Sutton

Revainrating 5 out of 5

WONDERFUL dog dryer

I did a LOT of research before buying this model and I will admit I was a little worried that it would not be a quality product at this price point. I try never to review a product (especially anything motorized) until I have had it for at least five months. I don't feel it helps anyone to review a product you have only had a couple of weeks. So, I bought his on 1/4/18 (8 months ago) and it has really had a workout. I own a large GSD with a very thick coat. Before I took the plunge and ordered this, it would take me at least an hour to dry my dog (and that was after REALLY towel-drying her as good as I could). Even then, she would be "damp dry." This little miracle cut our time by 2/3. I can towel my girl off with one of her wonderful Mugzy's Mutt towels and then put this thing on high with heat and within 20 minutes she is bone dry and looks like she came from the groomer's. Words of caution that I really shouldn't have to post but will: 1. PLEASE don't blow this thing in your dog's eyes (unless you want to contribute to early eye issues/blindness) OR their ears. This thing is POWERFUL! I don't use anything on my dog's body that I don't test first. So please, put this thing on high and point it at yourself to see what I mean. Also, PLEASE don't get too close to your dog when you have the heat turned on and KEEP IT MOVING or you WILL burn your dog. Again, test it on yourself after it has warmed up with the heat option on (about 2 mins) and see how long you can keep it close to your skin before it gets uncomfortable - not long at all. I actually like to turn the heat on, let it warm up, and then (unless it's in the winter and very cold) I turn the heat off as the air temp by that time is warm, but not hot. You are much less likely to burn your baby that way. It is easy to get distracted and keep the dryer on one spot too long if you are not very careful. If you're worried, just use it without the heater (a great option for this little powerhouse). I'll admit I found the tip I liked the best and never use the others. I have, however, used the complimentary grooming mitt a few times and it works well. By the way, you should not be seeing tons of hair flying from your dog if you are doing your job as a dog owner and brushing them at LEAST every other day. This should not be used to "de-hair" your dog - that's what gentle dog brushes are for and brushing provide much more health benefit than just removing hair. My only complaint is that I didn't find this little miracle years ago and save myself hours and hours of drying time for my girl. This feels solidly built. By the way, mine gets used a minimum of 4 times a week since May, as I swim with my dog 4-6 times a week for therapy. So I feel I have really put this to the test during the 8 months I have had it. Hope this information is helpful.

img 1 attached to Get Your Pup Looking Fabulous: SHELANDY Pink Pet Hair Force Dryer With Built-In Heater For Dog Grooming And Blowing review by Tammy Sutton

  • STL-1903
  • The dryer may pose a safety hazard for pets with long hair

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