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Review on Heavyweight, Spillproof Tablecloth With Swirl Pattern: Perfect For Kitchen, Dining, And Outdoor Picnics - 52 X 52 Inch Square - Beige by Kevin Reyes

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent for pet-proofing your bed!

I bought this water-resistant tablecloth to use over the covers on my bed. I adopted a cat with bladder stones and his favorite potty spot is unfortunately the bed. He refuses to use the litter box for anything other than poo. I was aware of this before I got him, however, so prior to this I was using plastic shower liners on top of the bedding, but they are super crinkly and loud and they would wake me up at night or slip off the bed, and he would avoid lying on the bed during the day because of the noise. Then I realized a waterproof tablecloth might be the perfect answer. I saw these and, because they were material and not plastic-backed, I figured they would be much quieter. In addition to being water-resistant (it really does just pool up on the top - even 1 1/2 cups of urine), they are very pretty. I got the burgundy cloth and it is beautiful and looks great on the bed. I lay this over the top of all the covers. I have a home office in the room right next to the bedroom and I can usually tell when he has gone because the smell wafts into the office. I then jump up, get a pee pad and soak up his mess, dispose of the pad, and then spritz the tablecloth with vinegar/water. Within half an hour, there's no residual odor. I wash the tablecloth weekly with baking soda, vinegar and liquid detergent. It comes out clean, odor-free, and maintains its water-resistance. If I have to be away from home for several hours I do go ahead and put the crinkly shower liner underneath this one since it is water resistant and not completely waterproof. But for my needs this works great, looks great, and my cat doesn't mind walking on it since it's not crinkly. I had no issues with wrinkling when removing it from the dryer immediately after it turned off.

  • I like the fabric, spills bead up but the wrinkles won’t come out.
  • The tablecloth may not be easy to fold and store