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Review on Bellelli Pepe Standard Certified Standards by Hotaru Kai ᠌

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I am one hundred percent satisfied with the purchase, I recommend this product to everyone.

I really liked the chair, the shortcomings, in principle, are not critical and can be solved. Yes, and scratches on the bike in any case will appear over time. There is a fundamental point. If you have a small frame size or non-standard geometry in terms of the top tube (strong slope), then the chair may not stand up as it should - it will touch the wheel. The same moment can arise when purchasing a chair with a backrest tilt function. I originally purchased the Bellelli Taiger Relax chair (8500), but to implement the tilt, a rather bulky platform under the chair is used - as a result, the gap to the wheel is only 1-2 cm and the chair itself is much more weight, on any bump, even without a child, it touches the chair . By the way, the slope is only a few centimeters, so I see no reason to overpay for it. Later I learned that you can separately purchase an elongated mounting bar for bicycles with small frames or large wheels - it is longer than usual and other geometry, it costs about 2022, which is not very cheap when the cost of seats is from 4500. I managed to put the mount as high as possible on the seat tube, which gave a gap between the chair and the wheel of more than 5 cm - this is the minimum required distance. Just in case, I put a fender so that if the wheel still touches, then the touch of the tire was on a smooth fender, and not on a chair. There is also a point with a mount - if your bike has a cable running along the back of the seat tube, in this case the manufacturer has provided technological holes in the mount, so installing it does not affect the operation of the shift mechanism. I wrote a lot, but when I bought a bike, I did not think that choosing a chair would be difficult. If you have stores in the city where you can see, feel, try on chairs of various options and manufacturers, then the process will certainly be easier, I had to order it through online trade in Hong Kong, since only there you could buy a quality chair at an affordable price.

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  • Quick and easy removal/fixation on the bike - can be quickly rearranged to another bike with a second mount. Moderate depreciation of the fastening bar - the child is not particularly transferred to the bumps in the road, at the same time he does not get sick from strong buildup. The ease of the chair - in the hand when removing / installing is almost not felt. Ventilation holes - important for hot weather, but if you fall, some objects can fall into these holes, which increases the risk of injury to the child. We haven’t fallen yet, it’s up to everyone to decide whether it’s a plus or a minus. Ease of landing - my daughter (2.5 years old) sat down for the first time and did not want to climb out. We haven’t driven for a long time, but an hour of continuous riding on roads of various quality passes without problems for her. The fixation of the belt and leg holders is good, the child himself will not unfasten. Height adjustable footrests and belt - can be adjusted to the height of the child. Production - Italy.
  • The protective elements of the legs are molded in such a way that they converge to each other - on the one hand, they are as close as possible to the frame, but on the other, the frame is scratched from the buildup at the points of contact. I glued modelin on the chair itself in these places. There is also the possibility of scratches at the mounting points on the seat tube. The kit includes plastic adapters for a narrower frame diameter. I used them additionally also pasted over with modelin. The chair is not packaged, so it may be scratched upon delivery.