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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Autolung group 0 (up to 13 kg) Doona Plus, royal blue

Key Features of the Doona Plus Car Seat

The Doona Plus Car Seat is a versatile and innovative baby travel gear that meets the highest safety standards (ECE.R44/04). It serves as both a car seat and a stroller, providing convenience and comfort for modern, busy, and mobile parents. With its unique design and award-winning features, the Doona Plus Car Seat is an ideal choice for parents seeking a practical and safe solution for their infant's transportation needs.

Enhanced Safety and Innovative Design

Designed with your child's safety in mind, the Doona Plus Car Seat offers advanced features to protect your little one on the go. Its patented mechanisms prevent unintentional folding and sudden extension of the handle while in carry mode. The anti-ricochet handle absorbs impact during a collision, preventing the car seat from spinning rapidly towards the seatback. The double-walled structure of the Doona car seat adds an extra layer of safety, allowing the wheels to fold into the shell. These safety measures make the Doona Plus Car Seat a reliable choice for parents who prioritize their child's well-being.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The Doona Plus Car Seat offers unmatched convenience, making it a game-changer for parents on the move. With its 3-in-1 functionality, this car seat transforms into a stroller and even a rocking chair. Say goodbye to bulky stroller chassis and the hassle of juggling shopping bags while carrying a heavy carrier. The integrated wheels of the Doona Plus Car Seat fold and unfold instantly, eliminating the need for additional storage space. It's a perfect solution for parents who want to travel with ease and have their baby's comfort and safety in mind.

Who Will Benefit from the Doona Plus Car Seat?

The Doona Plus Car Seat is designed to benefit parents who value safety, convenience, and versatility. Whether you're a busy professional, a frequent traveler, or someone who simply wants the best for your child, this product is a smart investment. It provides a secure and comfortable environment for your baby while simplifying your daily routines. The Doona Plus Car Seat is a reliable companion for parents who prioritize their child's safety and want to make every outing a pleasant experience.

Where Can You Use the Doona Plus Car Seat?

  • On family road trips to ensure your baby's safety and comfort during travel.
  • During shopping trips, allowing you to navigate stores effortlessly while keeping your baby close.
  • At airports, as the Doona Plus Car Seat is certified for air travel, making your journey stress-free.
  • During outdoor strolls, transforming the car seat into a stroller for a smooth and enjoyable walk.
  • At home, the Doona Plus Car Seat can be used as a convenient rocking chair for soothing your baby to sleep.
  • The Doona Plus Car Seat meets the highest safety standards (ECE.R44/04), both in its primary function as a car seat and when it transforms into a comfortable stroller at the touch of a button, making it ideal for modern, busy and mobile parents. innovation award at the latest children''s fair in Germany (Cologne 2014). Doona has six patents, international registration and is certified for air travel; Doona passed ADAC''s rigorous automotive safety test with an overall score of "Good".Doona''s unique design allows you to place the handle against the back of the car seat, thus protecting your child from ricochet. In the event of a collision, the anti-ricochet handle will absorb the impact and prevent the Doona from spinning rapidly towards the seatback. The Doona car seat''s patented mechanisms prevent unintentional folding, sudden extension of the Doona handle while in carry mode. Doona''s unique double-walled structure, allowing the wheels to fold into the DoonaTM shell, provides an additional significant safety benefit. Designed by the world''s experts in engineering, safety and medicine, the insert supports your baby''s posture by mimicking a natural position, giving parents and babies the freedom to travel together, it wraps around and supports your baby.Doona is a unique 3 in 1 car seat that has three modes of use: car seat age: 0+ ; (from 0 to 13 kg), stroller and rocking chair. This is the only car seat with integrated wheels that fold and fold instantly. No more hassle with a trunk that can''t fit anything but a bulky stroller chassis, and no more balancing shopping bags in one hand and a heavy carrier with a sleeping baby in the other. Doona meets the highest safety standards. Anti-ricochet handle absorbs impact. Patented folding mechanisms. Unique double wall structure that allows the wheels to be folded inside the body. Insert specially designed for newborns. The insert can be removed from the car seat as soon as the child weighs 5 kg. Parking brake with two colored pedals. The ability to transform Doona into a "rocking chair". Doona is the ideal solution for air travel and has been certified by US and European authorities for air travel. Stacks in two actions in one second. Almost flat ergonomic position. Height 99 cm, which is comparable to other full-size strollers. Hand wash only. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Static drying. Don''t press. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Polyester 100%. Bamboo fibre. Plastic. Iron.Attention! The Doona car seat is designed for rearward facing installation only.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

    The stroller is perfect as a car seat. Not great for walking outside. Bought a bag for the back and a raincoat. If there was depreciation, it would be possible to use it as a full-fledged stroller. It is very convenient in terms of the fact that you do not need to collect the wheels tightened up and that's it. People who see us with her say it looks like a toy stroller for dolls and in general she catches admiring glances. It is a pity that due to the lack of depreciation, you will have to take

    • Compact stroller. Stylish. Attracts attention. What a great car seat. For a supermarket, that's it. Easy to lift.
    • It does not fit on the ramp in width, but in general, it is not so difficult to lift it together with a 2-month-old child. There is no depreciation. It rumbles a lot along the way. Of course, I had no idea that it could shake so hard. Suitable for driving only indoors or on a very flat road, which in principle is unrealistic for 2022 areas. Complete set; all sold separately. The handle is cold plastic.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Very high quality product, it's not the first time I bought it.

    Fully met all expectations. It was used as a chair in a car and as a stroller indoors (shopping centers) and outdoors (in summer). It overcomes small curbs without problems. The child fell asleep in it on the street when walking. Wheels are easy to clean from dirt. Details do not creak, the assembly is of high quality. There is no depreciation, but it is not intended for off-road use.

    • Ease of use: maneuverability, handle height adjustment, brake system does not stain shoes, high-quality assembly.
    • Bag, rain cover and seat cover sold separately. In winter clothes, a 9-10 month old baby will already feel cramped.

    I recommend to buy. Don't be put off by the third baby like we are))) my motherhood would have been much easier and more fun if I had opened this cradle earlier. Got pros: Just a must have for parents with a car or those who often travel by taxi. Folds and folds easily and quickly. Comfortable to drive. Our older children carry it (2.5 years and 5 years). They're doing great. Has some cons The visor does not completely cover the child. It would be possible, when sleeping, to hide it there…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

    Very comfortable, beautiful stroller! I can't get enough of it)) When you don't want to take a big stroller, for example, to a shopping center or a water park, this is the perfect thing! Yes, and sometimes I roll around the apartment, the child feels great in it, maybe even take a nap. The wheels are easy to disassemble / assemble, the cradle itself is not very heavy. Three positions at the telescopic handle, which is also convenient! In general, I recommend to buy, you will not regret it!

    • Small, light, comfortable, beautiful, easy to manage, reliable
    • Did not find

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A very high-quality product, I take it not for the first time.

    I can't imagine how I would live without this stroller with a baby. When she appeared to me, the baby was 2 months old and with her appearance I exhaled. I managed to do everything and go on business and shopping and for walks, etc. The baby did not feel any inconvenience, she slept when she wanted and I did not disturb her, did not take her out of the chair when she arrived somewhere, but simply took out the chair and without unnecessary action went on business. In addition, the stroller looks

    • Comfortable, maneuverable, stylish, beautiful, a real helper for active mothers
    • They are not here

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    The product is of poor quality, I do not advise.

    They stuck 4 plastic wheels to a cheap car seat and rejoice like natives who saw for the first time a bracelet made of cheap gold-plated plastic! In fact, the cost of a penny! With the first child, I took the cheapest from Auchan for a couple of thousand, the quality is the same, apparently they are riveted there according to one pattern and the same materials. Here the wife insisted to buy at the birth of the second, like she will replace the stroller immediately! Another thoughtless purchase…

    • Expensive! Cool! Pinocchio will buy!
    • Heavy, useless. You won't need it after 6 months. Big payout!

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    A terrible purchase, I sympathize with everyone who bought it.

    It’s very pleasant (I placed the order, the manager from the store called and agreed on delivery, everything is fine, but the next day I get a message that the order was canceled for unknown reasons, the money was returned immediately, of course, but it’s a shame, because they already counted on this order, the price the seller increased the goods immediately and re-ordered at a price of 8 tons higher, of course, I didn’t, it’s a shame .

    • Very unpleasant situation with the order (((
    • Did not send

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

    We use it now, although we have already outgrown it, it’s convenient. We will sell, because they started walking and are already big for him, in terms of height and age it is already too much. Different pros: Versatility and quality. Worth taking only if you often travel somewhere. On the street and in the park with him is unrealistic, because there is no suspension, the wheels are hard. In the mall or somewhere in such places - the norms. There is a lot of shaking on the pavement, there are no

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

    Has some pros ergonomic, it has been the main means of transportation for two months now. The child in it instantly calms down and falls asleep. Its cons: it would be possible to build isofix directly into it, and not offer a base for 15,000. As a result, without a base, I got used to it.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

    If you have money, then this is an irreplaceable thing! We also have a car cradle maxi cosi and duna, we use duna 5 times more often. At 2.5 months, we flew to another city to visit relatives, without a duna I can’t imagine how we would have got there, apparently we would have to carry the child around the airport for several hours in our arms. I know that there is a Chinese equivalent much cheaper. If we took only a stroller for a newborn, mb would have bought a Chinese, but it's still a car…

    • A very useful stroller-car seat for a child up to 6 months, I am not aware of analogues Right from birth, it does not fit because of the inclination, it became comfortable for ours to sit in it for about a month
    • Not to say that this is a minus, but specifically in our case, the car base turned out to be useless, it lies at home

    Second child and already our 4th stroller after Hartman, Peg Perego and Cybex. From 0-la, you can’t find a stroller-attribute now, the wife is very happy, everything is easy and convenient, I ADVISE! When I'm older, then only Cybex. We used it for a month and revealed a drawback, it’s uncomfortable to lie down because it’s semi-sitting, it’s convenient to go for a short walk for a couple of hours or on a trip, and of course, from 0 years old, a recumbent classic stroller is indispensable for…

    • They took the DOONA 2022 model for a girl, red on top, black on the bottom (practically for shoes). This is the most comfortable stroller for babies from 0 to 1-2x. Very light, no need to buy a seat in the car, and you can take it on a plane, but it is written that you need to check with the airline.
    • China is noticeable, but for a year or two it is a fairy tale. :) You won’t lie in it for a long time on daytime walks, only sometimes .