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For a child from a year old, because This aspirator will not even fit into Malyshkovsky's nose, so it will be useless. We started using it from 1.5 years old, in general, everything suits. They even adapted to wash the little blue filter😁 when there are problems with financesSee full review

🔤 renewed apple smart keyboard folio for 11-inch ipad pro - us english, enhanced seo logo

The seller put a gift in a box (which was a surprise, a trifle, but nice). The box itself was packed in a bubble wrap, everything came safe and sound) See full review

hankook tire winter i*cept iz 2 w616 235/55 r17 103t logo

You won't need to worry about buying snow tires for a very long time if you acquire Hankook tires because they provide such a smooth ride. About seven years ago, I started riding Hankook Velcro, starting with model 605, then moving on to model 606, and finally settling on model 616. I am delighted with how well they resist wear and how quiet they are; in terms of noise, I find that the winter Hankook 425 tires are more pleasant for me than the summer ones. I drive in highway/city mode 60/40, I dSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute global, red/grey logo

I thought for a long time - psychologically I was not ready to give 35,000 for a vacuum cleaner. But I really wanted wireless. After reviewing a bunch of reviews and forums, I came to the conclusion that you need to take a top-end vacuum cleaner, or abandon the wireless one altogether. In the store, I was struck by the suction power (when you put your hand on it). At that time, the V8 absolute was not much cheaper than the V10 absolute, but the difference in power was obvious, so the V10. Most oSee full review

computer speaker creative pebble black logo

Loud enough. If asked, would I buy it again, more likely than not for the money. There are more advanced sound in this category of speakers, but they cost different money.See full review

oneplus 10 pro 12/256gb cn smartphone, dual nano sim, emerald green logo

: those who sculpt designs can somehow justify in the comments what am I wrong about?) _____ In general, after samsa, s20fe feels more pleasant, the shell freezes much less often, the flagship screen, charging is 2.5-3 times faster, the cameras are about the same, although the result is more stable on samsa, but the base is better here, the finger scanner is much faster. And even though sams didn’t warm up so much, it cut the speed of the jump very quickly (and this is on snap 865) Considering tSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner mijia robot vacuum-mop 2c global, white logo

The cats approached Sim with some trepidation at first, but now they won't even move away from the dish if he crawls up to them. When Sima tried to go closer to the bowl, the younger cat even broke his paw in response. This is their way of saying, "Don't be so annoying, leave me alone." With its positives being: The best real estate acquisition I've made in years. This is a savior for us, since we have two cats with lengthy hair. Intelligent, user-friendly, and not overly loud. Even after relocaSee full review

dunlop sp winter ice 03 195/65 r15 95t logo

I'm on my 3rd week. Indeed, noise performance has been improved. I note: I have a small budget car, soundproofing is completely absent. I expected that after the transition from summer to zero worn out, which means absolutely silent rubber)) for winter, I would stall in the cabin. But no! Credit to the manufacturer. On the first ice she behaved confidently. In the conditions of the city, when turning, it has not yet skidded. When braking, it stands up as if rooted to the spot. A couple of times See full review

moroccanoil revitalizing oil for all hair types, 25 ml logo

The oil is just fantastic. The mixture is organic. frugality in consumption. The aroma is fantastic. Cons: Its cost is high, however I'm not aware of any oils that compare to this one in composition or functionality.See full review

case xiaomi, plastic, waterproof, grooved surface, 65 l logo

The suitcase was taken right before the trip according to the criteria - daily delivery - normal price - plus or minus a proven brand In general, I was satisfied, because it turned out to be packed to the eyeballs with things on the way back, and it did not disperse. Let's see how long he lives. Some pros: - Great suitcase for your money - Fairly light - Can withstand bullying Cons: - Marky, electrifying case. One had only to put it on a slightly dusty floor, as he lost part of his presentable See full review

de "longhi magnifica ecam 22.360 coffee machine, black logo

Below are some advantages: Completely corresponds to the parameters that were declared. I was able to figure it out in less than a minute. The cappuccino is delicious, and the foam is wonderful. Cons: She will not be able to afford the new price of 39,990. The price is completely OUT OF LINE!See full review

computer chair everprof deco eco for executive, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

I do not like overly lush chairs, overly soft. Here, thanks to the thin upholstery on the seat and the airy backrest, this is in order. Relaxes, but in moderation.See full review

schwarzkopf 🍫 igora royal chocolate light logo

With all of its perks. The color that was declared by the manufacturer is an accurate representation of the one that was produced. When applied, there are no unpleasant sensations, such as burning sensations or any other symptoms. Below are some downsides: However, at the roots, it only lasts for no more than three weeks, same like most other manufacturers' products.See full review

loreal professionnel ammonia color 2 1oz hair care for hair coloring products logo

The color is stunning, and there is no detectable odor. For long hair that falls just below the shoulder blades, you only need 60 milliliters. Different disadvantages include the fact that it may be wiped off after 11 days, the color gradually lightens, and after a month it is completely transparent.See full review

chambor silver shadow compact powder with rr1 ivoire refill logo

The original, of course, is not available online for a pittance. In the photo, you can see the old (more worn out) powder next to the new one, but they did everything they could to make the two of them comparable in quality. On March 8th, I took it to use as presents.See full review

yarnart flowers, 55% cotton, 45% acrylic, 250 g, 1000 m, 1 piece, 285 logo

A stole was knit from two halves. As a result, I placed an order for two skeins. 90 cm (in 1 double crochet), 132 loops across the breadth of the product, hook size 1.5. The dark purple portion was almost entirely preserved. 400-500 meters, I believe. So that you can tie something else full safely. I've included a photo of the stole rugs, but it's difficult to notice the color.See full review

children's smart watch leef pulsar, pink/purple logo

Adorable little wristwatch, perfect for a first grader. Even if the battery life is poor, charging overnight solves all of your problems. The screen is vivid, with vivid colors. It matches the advertised qualities exactly. After three months of use, we have encountered zero issues. An endorsement from me.See full review

xiaomi mijia m365 pro electric scooter, up to 100 kg, black logo

I have enough charge for a very long time, I drive mainly in D and ECO. I charge once a week, sometimes 2 times. 150 km already. Got pros: I get to work in 15 minutes (actually for these purposes I took it so that during self-isolation I could move without a pass😆😆😆very helped!) Yes, it’s a little hard to drag into an apartment, but you get used to it. And so, some advantages))) I don’t pay for the fare, I ride like a breeze, no traffic jams, no need for gasoline or insurance, beauty! Too badSee full review

boss sunglasses, rectangular, frame: metal, men's logo

They delivered glasses with a quantity of 10,000 in a plastic bag of some kind; the package was completely shattered and they placed it inside of a polaroid rag bag. internet trade sellerSee full review

🎶 blue alilo smarty bunny shake & tell musical toy rattle for newborns and infants - soother with lullaby song story, music player & games logo

The benefits of it include: Toy that feels good when touched. The toddler may easily hold it in their hands while they chew on it. A wide variety of cookie varieties. despite its advantages. There isn't always agreement on how colors should be described. Uses the color purple to refer to practically everything.See full review

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