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creed eau de parfum silver mountain water, 50 ml logo

Satisfied with the purchase. The original product, which turned out to be almost 2 times cheaper than in Ile de Beaute. Its pros: My husband's favorite scent and already my favorite scent. Unique, fresh, indescribable smell. Got cons: High price. But it was in this store and at a discount that they got an excellent offer.See full review

electronic collar for dog training with remote control / anti-barking collar for dogs / logo

really liked how it works. Easy to use, easy to set up too. At first the dog did not understand what they wanted from him, but then he quickly realized what was what. so our long training process is finally getting off the ground and making progress! so the collar turned out to be very usefulSee full review

dry food for cats primordial grain-free, with salmon, with tuna 2 kg logo

Not a bad product, quite normal quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I have already bought primordial food, but for the first time fish. The cat ate with a bang. But the packaging aroused suspicion. The words are poorly printed. The drawings are doubled. Before that, they took large packages in another store, the print quality was excellent, everything is legible.See full review

💪 honor band 6: 1.47" amoled display, long battery life, 24/7 heart rate monitoring logo

With its benefits: If you want to try out a bracelet for a whole month, make sure to get it from this particular vendor. Because your fitness bracelet will no longer function after a month has passed. The bracelet cannot be returned for any reason under the terms of the guarantee. Not susceptible to being repaired. To summarize, it is NOT something I would advise you to purchase! With these drawbacks: Not watertight. (The bracelet has only been worn in the shower, the pool, and the rivers; it haSee full review

smart speaker yandex station mini without clock with alice, red pomegranate, 10w logo

I thought it would be another pointless toy when I purchased it on the DR for my 7-year-old son. But now that I use it, I can learn the time, the weather, the location of the closest pharmacy, atelier, and bakery, as well as their operating hours. Alice is capable of doing a wide range of tasks, like setting an alarm to track the days, playing your favorite music, reading aloud to kids, creating white noise to help you sleep, finding and announcing recipes, and identifying the signs of acute resSee full review

yokohama geolandar i/t-s g073 215/65 r16 98q winter logo

265/50r20 Range Rover Sport 390hp 2.7 tons - it's really scary to drive on these tires ! do not take, look for alternatives! experience 12 years I have been riding Velcro for the last 5 years. have something to compare from budget nordman rs (very pleased) to combat michelin pilot alpin sport PA4 (on a 500 horsepower all-wheel drive car) cars that he owned with Velcro - from civilian front-wheel drive vegetables 100-200 hp - up to 500 hp all-wheel drive Unfortunately, I bought tires for tSee full review

wet n wild eyeshadow palette color icon 10 pan palette ros in the air logo

I read rave reviews and realized that my palette, apparently, was planted by enemies. They pour like hell, stew in some kind of , the shades in the palette and on the skin turn out to be completely different, the pigmentation is low. When you try to apply with your fingers, they tightly cling to your finger and do not want to go anywhere. Ugh. The money is small, but it's a pity.See full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

Superb imitation of the Dyson. Modifications to the outward appearance are virtually the only difference. The purchase, overall, has met all of my expectations. I was satisfied with the high power, lightness, running time, and ease of use, to name a few of the product's advantages. It is also crucial that spare parts be readily available in large quantities; this ensures that it will be simple to replace anything that breaks, such as a battery. Some cons: It is charged with a cable that has to bSee full review

chandelier led natali kovaltseva led lamps 81218, 120 w, number of lamps: 5 pcs., color: white logo

There is no information on how to bind to a smart home. You need to write to the service, which is only on weekdays during business hours when we are not at home. Extremely inconvenient. You could also put a piece of paper with instructions in the box. When the chandelier is at minimum brightness, it still shines brightly. We hoped that it would be possible to use it as a night light, but no. I had to buy another sconce. In general, the chandelier is satisfied. Made carefully. It looks a little See full review

maxxis bravo hp-m3 205/65 r16 95h summer logo

I looked and chose tires for a long time, at first I wanted to buy tires of the famous Bridge brands, but then after reading the current reviews, I felt like taking it. MAXIS was already on another car and was happy with it, there were no problems. Now I have already skated about 2022 km on this rubber and I am quite satisfied. Road holding is excellent, perfectly balanced, if there is a track, it still behaves a little peculiar, but much better than Continental, but not up to Hankook. On wet roSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

— In another review, they ask about the expiration date. 3 years from the date of manufacture. All dates are indicated on the bottom of the jar. - Since the doses are "horse", and most of the vitamins are not absorbed, be prepared for bright yellow urine :). Everyone writes about this in reviews in one very famous store. I confirm. - In addition to this complex, I now take Omega-3 and Eleutherococcus. - I bought such vitamins twice not here, but given the delivery bonus and discounts, I will conSee full review

wireless headphones zte live buds, black logo

I took it for a change. The bass is really great for the price. There are three more pairs of headphones to compare Xiaomi 2s pro (these without ear pads, they are purely like a wireless headset for music from the word at all) and true wireless pro (these are ancient, they began to discharge quickly), in short, they were not even close, here is sony wh -ch510 give out about the same bass, but they are from a completely different weight category since they are practically monitors, not earbuds. See full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta 9 185/65 r15 92t winter logo

I had operating experience on the same machine, on the new nordman7 - it felt more predictable, unlike khaki9. no matter how strange it may sound. I also drove a fresh hakapelite8, but on a larger and heavier car, I also worked out perfectly. maybe haka9 will be good in larger sizes and on heavier machines. but I advise you not to spend money, specifically for this model of this brand. having a light car, it is better to take a nordman 7-8. as such, there are no pretensions. driving, slowing dowSee full review

kids smart watch jet kid my little pony wi-fi, pinkie pie logo

In principle, a normal watch, functional enough for a first-grader. As some reviews wrote here, the speaker broke after a month - we have the same thing. We gave it to a service center under warranty, they fixed it in 2 days. While everything works. With its pros: Calls, Wiretapping, SOS button, Geolocation, Charging is enough for about two days With its cons: Charging connector is very deep - difficult to charge The SOS button is often pressed by the child by accident Speaker broke within a monSee full review

accessory set circle joy electric wine opener rostest (eac), black logo

Wonderful present. Friends who received it praised its quality. They gave it to me (other friends, not the ones whom I gave it to), and I am overjoyed. I advise.See full review

office lamp in home cho-15, e27, 60 w, armature color: black, shade/shade color: black logo

I was seeking for a table light that was comparable to use on my desk. The last one had broken down to the point where it was unusable, and I have another one that is very similar to it sitting here on the computer table that I purchased three years ago.See full review

nyx professional makeup sweet cheeks creamy powder glowy, 7 risky business logo

In general, I am pleased, but I had hoped for a lighter shade (the one shown in the photo is 3RedRiot; the camera does not do the slightly blueberry tone justice).See full review

stationary blender rawmid rvb-02 blue, blue logo

It took me a very long time to find a blender that met both of my requirements: it needed to be aesthetically pleasing (there aren't many of those) and practical. That was the only one that didn't look! The moment I laid eyes on it, I was certain that it was precisely what I required. The appearance wasn't the only factor in my decision; I also wanted a powerful and high-quality blender with superb knives and a manual adjustment feature because I don't really trust touch-based controls. PreparedSee full review

dry food hill "s science plan sensitive stomach & skin for cats with sensitive digestion and skin, with chicken, 7 kg logo

They did not bring the food that I ordered, plus, without any transport packaging. When asked how to solve a problem from support, the answer is standard: make a return and order a new one. Why, because of not my mistake, I have to make extra movements. Given the fact that I order food all the time at the market, this is the first time this situation has happened, and just this time the food has already run out and I will have to look for it in stores and go.See full review

pirelli cinturato p7 205/55 r16 91v summer logo

I got what I wanted - light, tenacious rubber for active driving for ridiculous money - 3770 per bottle . If it weren’t for a breakdown in the first month of use, I would have given a higher rating, because a couple of months ago I flew into exactly the same hole on Michelin, as a result, I bent the disk, lost the cap, and Michelin at least henna, and Pirelli can not be repaired .See full review

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