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Perfect product for any user!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For such money with OSMOS it is unlikely that you will find anything better. The first day, water constantly flowed into the drainage (with a noise that we had to turn off the water for the night), but then everything returned to normal.See full review

opti-men tabs, 90 pcs, 1 pack logo

The quality of the brand is always on top. The complex is well chosen, taking into account all the subtleties of the interaction of vitamins and minerals. As always ON on top. It's pricey, of course, but it's worth it. Well, special thanks to amazon for the fact that there is no doubt about the authenticity of the product.See full review

14" asus vivobook pro 14x oled n7400pc-km059 2880x1800, intel core i5 11300h 3.1ghz, ram 16gb, ddr4, ssd 512gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3050, no os, 90nb0u44-m01450, silver logo

The laptop is small and elegant, making it ideal for basic computing and even some light gaming. Everything about the product matches the descriptions and ratings that were provided. The pluses: Everything was completed to perfection. Low weight, high quality display and housing. Specification-compliant technical parameters Containing negatives: Due to insufficient fan power, the base might get quite hot and noisy at times. Just a little issue that can be fixed with another cooling pad.See full review

clear 8 oz philips avent natural glass baby bottle logo

We bought three gl bottles (2 pieces of 120 ml and one of 240 ml) for a newborn with an eye to the brand, environmental friendliness and quality. It turned out that this bottle is simply impossible to use. The child choked - this time (this is very scary). Appointment - "for a newborn" is clearly wrong, a is needed another. Only after 3 months it became possible for her to feed. Secondly, after a while, the thread on the cover begins to scroll. The seal is broken, the mixture flows out. The botSee full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

Plows at 100%. Hydrates at the click of a finger. According to the indicators in the room, it can catch up with 60% or more in a couple of hours, only if the windows are not constantly kept open. From time to time you need to open them otherwise damp. In auto mode, of course, he decides when to turn on, but I drive my 2 pieces to the dope in forced driving. The apartment is more than 100 meters and two are in different rooms, and if the interior doors are not closed, then in 5-10 hours it runs uSee full review

vacuum cleaner thomas twin t1 aquafilter, blue/white logo

I chose a vacuum cleaner for a long time, I really read all the comments on Thomas here. I wanted to buy T2, but then I changed my mind, because it makes no sense to overpay for a bag for nozzles, a DVD and a power regulator. The choice fell on Thomas because of the suction power (Kercher only 280 watts). The aquafilter washes just fine. After the old vacuum cleaner (like EIO Tiger) it's just a fairy tale. In the old one, dirt constantly clung to what thread, burrs and other technological pins.See full review

kettle xiaomi thermostatic electric kettle 2 cn, white logo

In general, a cool teapot, if you can it with a decent discount - an option. But the model is still a little short of comfort. In the next iteration, it would be nice to add a sensor and display the occupancy scale on the screen. Ideally, replace the touch ons with og ones, periodically misclick and have to concentrate your attention on the correct Ivan on the on. Disabling or adding a permanent display of data on the display would be just a great idea. European plug, as I understand it, only See full review

asus rog gladius ii wireless gaming mouse, black logo

Around the same time, when the switch flew, the sides began to wear off (I use the mouse for 12 hours a day, my hands, but fat cannot be avoided). You start to rub a little harder and harder than a baby's - and the rubber peels off. Now there is not an elastic band, but two holes on the sides. Why do this is beyond me. And . I have never, anywhere seen such poor software as Asus has. Armory's horn starts every time naturally from the THIRD time. The first two times nothing - on the third it stSee full review

vacuum cleaner karcher se 4002, yellow logo

I needed a vacuum cleaner for an apartment 2 rooms 50 sq. M. I bought it from my hands for 4500. new! ). I brought it home, well, I think right now I’ll clean the house and there will be happiness. About the size of the vacuum cleaner, it is large, very large for an apartment (on the way from the previous owner to the car and after to the apartment, in the hands of a large yellow tank is relatively light (for a man), with a hose and tubes sticking up (there are fasteners on the body under themSee full review

oneplus 10 pro 12/256gb cn smartphone, dual nano sim, emerald green logo

I took the 256 gigabyte version. I have enough with my head since I hardly use the camera. But for good, I would like to have a slot for a memory card. Otherwise, everything is fine, Google services work as they should, no restrictions in the operating system have been noticed. Has pros: I switched from a state employee, so the difference between my old phone and this one is heaven and earth. It works quickly, lags and bugs were not noticed. With its cons: Not very happy that switching between sSee full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

The capsule itself is good, with a normal Internet connection it works without problems. But earlier I took a Neo capsule for a gift and I can say that functionally they do not differ and are not inferior to each other. This time I stopped the choice on this column only because of the night light function. I hoped that I could leave the children on at night instead of the lamp . but I was disappointed in the brightness of the backlight, very weak. It was also possible to save money and take Neo.See full review

table card&loft stol-214, bedside, rectangular, underframe - metal, color "white moire", chipboard color "white" 31x51x70 cm logo

Those who designed the table got it wrong on 3 points: 1. it had to be done below 2. it could be made "configurable", i. E. both vertically and horizontally, for this it was possible to give 2 tabletops in the kit 😀 or sell the 2nd tabletop separately, and make 2 sets of holes for attaching the tabletop. 3. it was not necessary to weld the mounting ears on the inner perimeter of the frame, it would be more correct to make holes for fastening in the frame itself, especially it fights with item 2See full review

londa professional color radiance leave-in leave-in conditioner for colored hair, 250 ml logo

For my colored porous hair, taking into account washing with hard water, this is one of the best products. The nice scent is a bonus.See full review

bridgestone blizzak ice 225/60 r16 98s winter logo

Excellent tires that have their sidewalls reinforced, making them resistant to damage caused by mechanical stress. Once, when turning on ice, the rear axle began to skid, but I was able to catch the car and I now drive while taking this into account. For the previous two years, there were no unusual difficulties that developed. I rarely drive on ice, but when I do, I find that snow and wet surfaces provide a good grip, and my braking power is enough. The amount of noise is manageable, and the auSee full review

dunlop sp winter ice 03 195/65 r15 95t logo

Dunlop winter ice03 tires purchased in early October. Balanced out great. The rubber is very soft, there are a lot of spikes and I hope they sit tight, at first the noise was accompanied by a rumble, but after a while it disappeared (probably rolled). Hydroplaning was not noticed on wet asphalt. In icy conditions, the road holds confidently, in corners the control is predictable. When braking, it does not go into the skid, from a place without axle box (depending on how, of course, to put pressuSee full review

microsoft xbox series robot white bundle logo

My second gamepad from T-shirts, I took it to replace the tired old generation, it differs from the old one with a new button on the body, a cross and corrugated triggers that have been changed for the better for convenience. Well, my version is distinguished by rubberized backs on the body, which adds to the pleasantness of use and tenacity of the grip. I took the Lunar shift version. Cool made, do not say anything, the front side under aluminum plastic is made with a sheen. pleasant to the touSee full review

vacuum cleaner weissgauff v9 turbo cyclone, white logo

So far everything is as expected, no complaints. Different pros: In general, it corresponds to the declared characteristics. The vacuum cleaner works perfectly, the garbage is removed conveniently, the filters can be easily cleaned and washed, the electric nozzle works quite powerfully, it is better not to climb with your hand there (as in similar electric nozzles) at the time of its operation. Different cons: I would like a longer lasting battery. Competitors already have, according to the declSee full review

semi-synthetic engine oil idemitsu zepro euro spec 5w-40, 4 l, 3.84 kg, 1 pc. logo

Having received 8 liters of oil (2 cans of 4 liters in metal), "like a smart" climbed into the Internet, to make sure that this is the original. The result, tensed even more, it would be better not to look .See full review

10.9" tablet apple ipad air 2022, 64 gb, wi-fi, space gray logo

The tablet itself is easy to hold, charges sufficiently quickly, and maintains its charge for a considerable amount of time. However, even just viewing videos or working in regular notes might cause it to become quite warm. The printing goes smoothly and works well the very first time, despite the fact that this is a regular issue with iPads of this type. The speakers produce an excellent sound quality. iPads came with a warranty that was activated for one year beginning on the day of purchase aSee full review

hand blender bamix m200 superbox, silver logo

My brown has worked for 10 years. Seeing that the new browns now began to do a little worse, I decided to take Bamiks. Having looked at the bamix luxury lain live, I was completely disappointed that in the photographs they looked like metal. In real life, it's just plastic. As the seller assured me, the quality and characteristics of the bamix luxury lain, bamix superbox and bamix baking blenders are exactly the same, only the equipment and design differ. I consider the complete set of my set toSee full review

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