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Review on Protect Your Investment: Kuzy Clear MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case With Full Ventilation For 2021-2016 Releases by Jon Thompson

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I was pretty skeptical about this before I bought it

I was pretty skeptical about this before I bought it: it's so inexpensive, how could the quality be high? I gave it a chance anyway because, if it actually fit snugly and didn't bother me when using my MBP (13" Retina, late 2013), it would be a great protector against scratches and bumps.The first thing I was happy to observe when I received the Kuzy was that it was easy to remove from it's packaging. Took only a few seconds with no pain. And the product didn't fly out across the room when finally freed from its packaging, as has happened in a few cases.The second pleasure was the color. I chose "purple" which is really a deep but not dark purple. I'd call it a true purple. And the screen-displayed color is an accurate depiction. (I also ordered a Case Logic Sleeve with Retina Display for 13.3-Inch Laptops - Purple) for travel, and the two match colors perfectly. So this is an industry-standard purple.) You can probably expect similar results from Kuzy's other colors: they will be true to the screen display.The third delight was how perfectly and easily both pieces snapped into place when I put each part (top and bottom) onto my MBP. The only thought involved was which way was front and which was back: that was easy to figure out, and then each snapped firmly into place. There is no looseness, and there are no tight spots. It's a perfect fit. Snug, just like I had hoped. The top cover is full so it does cover the lit Apple, but it's transparent enough to allow the Apple to shine through plenty brightly, if not quite as sharply around the edges. In fact, despite being a rich color, it's even transparent enough to show the black vinyl sticker I put on the cover of my MBP a few months ago.The fourth product attribute I like is the feel of it. Now, my whole MBP is soft and grippable. Kind of like a smoother form of ultra thin rubber. It has feet on the bottom (that you do have to attach) that keep it from moving. But this material would also hold it in one place. It feels more secure in my hand when I pick it up than the MBP did without it. You could scratch it all day with your nails and it would never make your cringe.***What the Kuzy Has Suffered at My Hands***I've had it for 10 days or so and it has been tested by more than the typical movement from one workspace to another: it's been tested against coffee stains and breakfast crumbs. I used to have to wipe my MBP's cover at least once a week to clean off the fingerprints, crumbs and, yes, coffee marks from <gasp> putting my coffee cup right on top of the computer. Kuzy was also tested against life happening around my workspaces; like when the dog knocked the whole MBP onto the floor a few days ago from the height of a desk. I carry it from my main desk to a workspace near the sofa to a work-chair I love to use, and back again, all day every day. I'm an attorney (a nice one -- don't hate me!) / blogger / writer / future app designer who can't sit in one place for long.***How the Kuzy Has Performed under Such Conditions***The Kuzy holds up really well to daily mess. It doesn't show fingerprints like the MBP itself does. And coffee marks/crumbs come right off, unlike on the MBP, which sometimes required a real scrubbing. (I use Windex For Electronics Wipes for cleaning - they work well on screens and keyboards too.) The fall to the floor left the MBP unharmed. And the Kuzy's not showing any weak spots from all of the movement/fall it has undergone.I would not rely on it as my sole protector for every situation; it isn't cushioned. But that's not what you want! You don't want your MBP to be three inches thicker while you're using it. As I mentioned, I've purchased a Case Logic Sleeve) for travel. I wouldn't trust the Kuzy alone with movers or with the TSA. Notwithstanding its fall, I don't think it's made to provide any cushioning upon impact. more to protect against scratches, dirt and daily mess. And to look and feel awesome. I like it better than my vinyl sticker as a way to express a little personality.Highly recommended. You will love it. Don't pick a boring color because of work, go with the color your heart longs for (maybe not the absolute craziest color if you're a young investment banker)! Color can be a way to express yourself subtlely and a real mood pick-me-up!I wish for you every happiness, whatever you decide.

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  • At Kuzy, we are committed to providing our customers with superior-quality MacBook accessories with current, streamlined design. As a U.S. based company established in 2011, Kuzy offers an unbeatable selection of premium MacBook cases, keyboard covers, Stands and more. We have friendly customer service. If for any reason you don’t love your Plastic Case for MacBook, reach out to us so we can make it right.
  • The case may crack or scratch easily, leading to a decrease in protection for your MacBook