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Review on Effortless Volumizing and Drying: HOT TOOLS Professional White Gold Detachable One Step Volumizer and Hair Dryer by Beth Pujol

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great dryer, great results

I have a new favorite product for my hair. I honestly didn't expect very good results from this hair dryer as my hair is notoriously difficult to style and style. It is thick, curly and tends to frizz. I've been smoothing it out with an iron for years. But wow, this hair dryer delivered! I have a flashy, salon-worthy look and believe me I'm not very skilled when it comes to working with hair. In fact, almost no skills. I used the blow dryer on high for most of the drying process and then turned it down to low when I was done touching up the ends. My hair is just past my shoulders and the blow dryer brush is big so another issue was that my hair was too short. It's not like this. The bristles grab my hair very well and hold it while I comb it. I cut my hair and worked in sections. It seemed more efficient than trying to go through everything at once. It gets pretty hot up there. A couple of times it was uncomfortable near the ears or the back of the head, but for the most part it was tolerable and no different than a regular hair dryer left on one spot for too long. The brush head is removable for easier storage, but I'm wondering if replacement brush heads or different brush sizes are available. During my inspection I could not find any replacement parts for the Revain. If you have any doubts about this dryer, I say go for it. This is a powerful tool that doesn't require any special skills to get excellent results.

  • Worth the money
  • Update available