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Review on 1000LB Capacity RitFit Power Cage With 13 Attachments For Full Body Workout - LAT PullDown, Weight Storage Rack & Optional Bench For Home & Garage Gym | ASTM-Certified by Travis Karren

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great value and enjoy using this cage

The cage was shipped promptly. I was given one Fed Ex tracking number and received one medium sized box. However it does come in two boxes. The second 80” box arrived the next day. It took me a little over three hours to assemble. This may have gone faster if the instructions had been better written. Note it comes with two open end wrenches, but that would take forever. Use one wrench and one 17” socket. A rubber mallet is also handy to "persuade” the upper assembly. Instructions refer to each part number, however none of the parts or hardware are actually numbered. I figured it out without too much effort. It is pretty straightforward except for the pulley system. The three top pulleys require installing two pulley pegs (one on each side). Directions show one per pulley. The bottom and floating pulleys do not use any pegs.I’ve had this one week and really enjoy the versatility and large combination of workouts you can perform.I placed the landline on the inner upright only because I have space limitations and needed to keep the bar on my floor mats. It worked greatAside from the instructions lacking some clarity, I only have two minor complaints. First, the floating weight section has a plastic insert on the top and bottom. They pop out very easily. I fixed this by wrapping them with 1” black duct tape as seen in the third picture. Easy fix and you can barely see the tape.The pull up has a chrome ring that sits in front of the ball. For seated rowing it works as designed, but if you use it for curls, the ring floats down the cable (thanks gravity) and gets caught. Again easily fixed with some black tape to keep the ring affixed to the ball. Note this is not a flaw as they never said it was for curls, but I wanted to use it that way. See picture 4.I bought a tricep rope separately and it works great. I will get another pull up bar because the one provided is 15” wide and I’d prefer a rotating 19”. I also bought a barbell pad and it works great for squats.I answered some frequent questions posed by others. This will accept 1” and 2” Olympic plates. The pull up bar cannot be inverted. I don’t see any way to do that given the design and it must be installed to stabilize the unit. Also note I have a 6’ barbell which fits great, but anything smaller would not be wide enough to rest on the supports.Mine is not bolted to the floor, but the weight of the cage and added plate weights provides plenty of stability.Overall this is a great unit for the cost. Despite the minor issues described, I still would purchase. If not for those, I would have given 5 stars.Hope this helps.

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  • The RitFit Power Cage is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to adjust and customize to your own fitness level and desired workout
  • The power cage can wobble during use