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Review on Lepow Portable Monitor Upgraded Ultra Slim Cellphone Z1 Pro, HDMI by Kevin Griffin

Misleading Audio Ads (Stereo)

The ad in the description says it has "Dual Stereo Speakers". However, despite having two speakers, they are not stereo sound. Two speakers do not automatically create stereo sound. All it does is mono sound from more than one speaker. True stereo sound occurs when the left and right "channels" of sound are routed independently through each speaker. I originally bought a version on sale from another seller who was honest about only having two speakers and they did NOT say it was stereo (their description clearly said 'two speakers') so I knew that I order. However, I saw a second one a day later for about $30 more and thought it was because it said "stereo speakers" so I figured it would be better for playing movies off my phone. But everything I received was exactly the same as what I already received from the first seller. No stereo sound, no other controls, and the box and all the descriptions on it were identical to the first. I am calling this second seller a 'scam' for promoting stereo sound so people will buy it from them. for a lot of money when the product actually has no such function. Now. What about the product itself in relation to Lepow? I think the screen is great. Both (this is the same product I received) are capable of producing very beautiful, vibrant and colorful images. You have the option to adjust "Brightness", "Contrast", "Black Level" and "Sharpness". I increased the brightness and contrast; reduced the black level (because it's a dark gray background if you don't) and sharpened it (although it didn't seem to do anything I could tell). After that I had an image that I liked more than what I can do on my laptop. This unit also allows you to change the aspect ratio from widescreen (16:9) to (4:3) if you want to watch old TV-style videos that were filmed before using the widescreen format. I also liked the ability to change the levels of Color Warmth and Blue Light. This way I can make the images look more realistic than the normal screen settings that computers use for general use. So. In general, in relation to the Lepow product itself, this is good. The only disappointment is that there doesn't seem to be true "stereo" sound, although the description (at least from this manufacturer) clearly states that there is. For now I will be returning this more expensive one (which turned out not to be as advertised) to its seller and keep the original which I received at a cheaper price with more honest advertising.

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