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Review on ๐Ÿ“ฑ Lepow Portable Monitor Z1 Pro: Upgraded Ultra Slim Cellphone HDMI Display by Leon Scanlon

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Ideal for students with two workstations

I work in a research lab as a PhD student. In the lab we have a desktop computer provided by the university and a 24" monitor. I often needed more screen real estate when performing complex data analysis. Since a request for a second screen required the purchase of a large number of screens for the entire lab, I decided to take matters into my own hands and buy a display that I can use both at home and at work.I was pleased to find that portable computer monitors have come a long way in the last few years have travelled, especially with the advent of tablets. I ended up buying this mid-size monitor - here are my thoughts. Pros: 1) This monitor is compatible with USB-C to USB-C cables and works with my Dell XPS 13 Compatible. Such a cable is included in the box and allows you to power the monitor directly from my computer WITHOUT an additional charger.Imme r when I use this monitor, my computer connects to Juice so I don't see the battery drain effect. I haven't tested the monitor on laptop battery power, so I can't say how long they will last without external power. Being able to power and connect the screen through the same cable is a huge boon. It also makes the screen compatible with my desktop. Having a universal wired connection is very valuable as I don't have to mess with something proprietary. 2) The screen comes with a magnetic cover/stand. Functionally this works like an iPad case, protecting during storage/travel and properly tilting the screen when in use. Thanks to this bag, I feel comfortable putting the screen in my travel backpack. This allows me to use the screen both at home and in the lab. 3) The colors are great. I noticed that the picture is clear and bright. Others can better comment on the complexity of the screen, but I think it's bright enough for my use. 4) This screen is "plug and play". After initial setup with my other monitors, I found that connecting the monitor was seamless and required very little fiddling and setup. This is important during the workday when I don't want to fiddle with the display settings every time I connect a screen. See video for more details. 5) The screen can be used as an external monitor for the game system. 6) This screen is thin! Only about half an inch thick. This makes it mobile and easy to transport. Cons:** The magnetic cover requires some finesse to find the right stand angle on the first try. This isn't a big problem once you get used to it. The lid has a notch where the screen sits, providing an optimal viewing angle. This is my only complaint about the screen and it's very minor after the first use. Overall: This is a great option for those transitioning between jobs (i.e. busy graduate students like me). I highly recommend this bright mobile monitor. I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner. It was a great upgrade to my quality of life for my studies.

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