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Review on Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S6 MaxV RU, black by Ewa Jastrzbska ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Has some pros There will be a lot of cap in the review, but maybe it will be useful to someone. This is my first robot vacuum cleaner, I used to clean it myself and exclusively with my hands. So, about the advantages: - Powerful. I have a little OCD about cleaning, it has to be straight clean to keep me calm. Yes, straight up clean. - Well assembled, excellent quality plastic. - The location of parts and components is intuitive. I'm quite lazy, it can be stressful for me to study instructions for a long time and remember the location of elements. This is not required here. - Non-buggy fully Russified application. Similarly with the previous paragraph: there is no need to spend a lot of time studying it. - It solves the problem of gender by 95 percent. In my case, by 90 percent, because due to very high thresholds, the vacuum cleaner will not enter the bathroom, toilet and balcony, then a robot helicopter would be needed. Really saves time. - Not amazingly smart, but not completely dumb, like Tottenham), Does not run up and does not hit his head against obstacles, but sometimes he is too suspicious, about this a little lower in the shortcomings. Cons: - Does not recognize curtains as a minor obstacle and goes around the area with them in principle. Because of this, before cleaning, you yourself have to think like a robot vacuum cleaner and turn off everything that might interfere in advance. - Very picky about the dryness of the filter. It's good that there are 2 filters in the kit, one can be dried, and the other can be cleaned. - Yes, the baseboards and the space around them are still yours. This is more of a post-cleaning than cleaning, but nonetheless. - He does not always get on IKEA carpets the first time, but he is persistent and still does not bypass them with his attention. - Care is needed for all spare parts: wiping the vacuum cleaner itself (dust falls on it), regular cleaning of brushes, dust collector, filter. In my humble opinion, the shortcomings rather indicate that the device cannot be called absolutely perfect and ideal, so I put 5 stars. If the impression deteriorates, I will not be lazy and change the review.

img 1 attached to Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S6 MaxV RU, black review by Ewa Jastrzbska ᠌
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July 04, 2023
Got pros: A great helper for any home. Has cons: Sometimes he drags a rug from the hallway with him or gets confused in the curtains, although in theory he should recognize them)
June 21, 2023
Its pros: Cleans better than the previous robot vacuum cleaner. Its cons: Wall lover. In this model, they made it so that he always knocks lightly on the wall. And specially made soft protection in front.

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