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Review on 💥 Magic Bullet Blender: Small-Sized, Silver 11-Piece Set for Ultimate Blending Magic! by Angela Rodriguez

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a very necessary thing in the household

From time to time I like to watch TV shopping. More precisely, we often show it between commercials. So my mother and I looked after a miracle device - the Magic Bullet mini-food processor. Moreover, as advertising reported, it has many functions, but most importantly, it grinds and grinds products well. And you can also make delicious cocktails (we especially love milkshakes). The order came quickly and not expensive. The entire purchase cost us only 4,500 tenge (900 rubles). This is the box we received. At first they squeezed out juices and made cocktails, and then they abandoned it. Gathered dust in the closet. But with the birth of his daughter, he found a new life. We make purees with it and squeeze the juices. Now I'll tell you more about him. The blender itself is included in the kit, like this: Here is its main, so to speak, working element - the motor. With its help, everything is finely ground in a matter of seconds. The set includes cups of different sizes, with and without handles. It is necessary to fasten such bright caps on each glass that it was possible to drink the same cocktail as from a glass. Glasses are used for juices and cocktails. Very comfortably. You can not pour into a glass. But in pens without handles, I make mashed potatoes for my daughter. The set includes high and low glasses. From them I usually shift the cooked. For better grinding, there are several nozzles with two and four knives. It is also convenient that there are special lids, if necessary, you can close the jars without shifting the finished food. There are also these caps: Good to have a juicer. We also use it often now. and here is such a "protipper" Everything is very easy to clean. This is a very significant plus for this combine. It came with a recipe book, but I didn't really like it. and recently I began to look for recipes on the Internet, which can generally be done with the help of such a combine. It turned out to be a lot. For example, I buy children's curds for my daughter, or you can make them yourself with the help of this miracle. I also tried to make an amlet today. Great, fast and convenient. It was not necessary to cut the onion and then mix it with a fork, I threw everything into the bowl and mixed it instantly. And my daughter learned to make soups in it. But the mashed potatoes in it are too sticky. I did not like. The only negative is that these cups cannot be used in the microwave. So, the set of this device includes: - the Magic Bullet harvester itself - juicer; - blender; - glasses - high and low; - glasses with colorful rings; - two knives - with double and quadruple blade; - lids for food storage; - book of recipes; - instruction. In general, there are 21 items in the box. And its price is very affordable. I watched that now they cost at least 10,000 tenge (2,000 rubles). And here is the simplest recipe: we make a milkshake with banana and raspberries. We need 4 scoops of ice cream, half a banana and some raspberries. Mix everything and enjoy the taste. Enjoy your meal. And in the end, we summarize and highlight the pros and cons: Pros: - easy to clean; - quickly copes with the task; - a lot of cups and nozzles; - inexpensive; - takes up little space in the kitchen. Minus: - Cannot be used in the microwave.

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  • Easy to wash, fast
  • Cannot be used in the microwave

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