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Review on Harness Leash Walking Escape Inches by Karla Richter

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Harness Leash Absolutely unnecessary thing - my review about it

I’ll start my review with the fact that I wanted to take a picture of a harness with a leash for a cat, then take a picture of a cat in this harness, but it all ended with the fact that I couldn’t find our harness and my review was left without photos. Judging by the fact that I have not seen a cat leash for a long time and have not used it for a long time, it should become clear that in our family this thing is not a necessity, but a long-forgotten necessity. As a result, absolutely unnecessary necessity. Now I will tell you everything. In the family, like many other people, we have a house cat. One fine day, and that was a long time ago, I bought a harness with a leash for a cat in a pet store to go for walks with my pet. As a result of these walks, disappointments and troubles befell us. ADVERTISING • BETWEEN EXCHANGE Disappointment: a cat is not a dog, he will not walk around on a leash. The cat, wrapped in a harness, pulled me along. At the same time, he was very frightened by the street and crawled along the bellies, pressing his stomach to the ground. The route of the cat defies any explanation, he just pulled me in different directions, ran wherever his eyes looked. Both of us did not enjoy such a walk. Both me and the cat came home stressed out. The only small plus, from all this running around, was that the cat had time to eat grass, which he later vomited safely at home. We managed to make several walks with the cat before the appearance of trouble. And the troubles lie in the fact that in just a few walks a clean home cat has collected a whole bunch of different nasty things: lichen, fleas and worms, which we then got rid of for a long time and painfully. It would seem where such misfortunes come from? But in fact, everything is simple, a bunch of homeless cats are walking around, which no one treats, no one cares for them, and even with a normal appearance, homeless animals have a lot of all sorts of sores and infections. They peed there, pooped here, rolled on the grass, and now it is an infection invisible to the eye, lurking in the grass to attack a clean domestic cat. They didn’t walk properly, but they treated both the cat and the son for lichen. The worms were removed from the cat and they themselves drank antiparasitic drugs along with it. Fight fleas with shampoos and drops. Do they need such walks? I realized that no. Few benefits, but a lot of harm. And my review was born because I recently read an article on the Internet, which says that domestic cats do not need a walk (I can’t say if this is true or not). And further in the article there was a description of all the troubles that we have already suffered. Correct and true article. I read it and the events of the past came before my eyes, which I decided to describe in this review on the pages of . And one more argument is not in favor of the harness. Cats very easily turn out of them and can easily escape from the owner. Get scared and run away. Get hit by a car, get lost and die. Dogs can also tear a cat apart. Actually, we don't go out anymore. The harness was abandoned somewhere, so much so that I could not find it for a photo shoot. If it catches my eye, I will supplement my review with photos for clarity. And our cat is 14 years old and God grant him the same age. He does not go outside, walks on the balcony. And it seems to me that he does not look unhappy due to the lack of walks. Completely from the harness with a leash for a cat, I will not dissuade. If you really want to, you can buy it, maybe someone's experience of walking will be more successful than ours. I just told our story.

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  • No.
  • The cat can turn around and run away.

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