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Review on Hossian Women'S Birthday Gifts - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet - Aromatherapy Jewelry With Stainless Steel Band And 8 Refill Pads by Brandon Perkins

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Great for long lsting scents, match with a variety of outfits

I like this bracelet! It's a cute design and looks nice. It comes in a gift box to make it easy to gift. I have several diffussion jewelry pieces and this is a nice addition to my collection.One of the things I like about these types of jewelry are that they come with reusable pads. This comes with 8 different colors. People tend to use these in two different ways. One is to match the color to the scent that you put on your pad like red for cinnamon or green for mint or purple for lavender. When your main goal is to use it for aromatherapy purposes and you use different oils to bring about different moods and such this is a good approach. I personally don't use essential oils for aromatherapy in these. Instead I use perfume oils and use the colors to match my outfits not my scent. If you want more color varieties to match other outfits more closely you can just buy felt from a fabric/craft store in a variety of colors and cut your own pads. I would avoid white though as pretty much all oils will easily discolor it. The pads can last for a very long time without needing replacement.I love that I don't have to put the oils directly on my skin but, yet it still lets me have a nice scent aura. The scent carries quite nicely. The recommendation is to put 2-3 drops of oil, I like to completely soak the pad in perfume oil. It lasts for about a week before I need to add additional oil. The way it works is that as your body warms the metal which increases the diffusion and makes a stronger scent aura. Some oils may wear faster needing refreshing more frequently than a week. The first day will be the strongest and then it will gradually have less scent each day worn. I've gone a while between wearing and it doesn't diffuse very fast out of the pad when not being worn.The bracelet itself has a lot of sideways flexibility because it's meant to twist open to put it on your wrist. This makes it feel a little flimsy and if you sort of shake it it almost feels like rubber or something in the way it moves. However, this sideways twist isn't a sign of being weak, the band itself is actually quite strong. It's very difficult to pull outwards or push inwards. The band is very nicely polished and the Wing Design is really nice. It's got a magnet in it that is very strong and will not accidentally open for the pad to fall out. The gem opposite the wing design is however a little lack-luster. It doesn't catch light well, it doesn't shine, it has no color play. It's just kind of meh. For the price I believe it's a good deal.

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  • This aromatherapy jewelry is perfect for individuals who enjoy using essential oils to relax and reduce stress
  • Essential oils can stain clothing and other fabrics if not used carefully