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Review on Gasoline generator Carver PPG-3900A, (3200 W) by Wiktor Marciniak ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A reliable product for all occasions, the quality is at the level.

Despite those moments that caused disappointment, it must be admitted that this generator is the best in its price category. Main functions such as lighting , power tool operation , welding , it pulls easily . I myself cooked with a 2.5 mm electrode. Welding, I think, can hardly be used on a permanent professional basis. Again, this is my subjective opinion. (maybe if you cook at low currents and nothing negative will happen to it). Something necessary in the household without problems. On the electric stove, everything quickly boils and cooks. A gas generator for something serious costs at least 40 thousand. And if you start from its cost, then 4 can be put. I will add: I used this generator for two and a half months in winter and in spring on Sundays. Started 5-7 hours. After everything was stretched out, nothing was unscrewed. Started up easily. Pulled all power tools and welding. I tried to load no more than 1.8 kW. You can do more, but then the generator worked harder. After summer storage at the end of September, I tried to start it and the cord broke. Changes without problems. Went on easily. Have used it this fall. -21y. Works smoothly. Thanks to this device, my dacha is alive even in the winter. Unfortunately, in our SNT, the electricity is still turned off for the winter. I am satisfied with the purchase of this device. It will definitely fit for a summer residence.

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To supplement my review, I've included some photos for further insight.


  • Easy start. Tank 15 l. Pulls all power tools. Low fuel consumption. After a few hours of operation, the fuel level needle does not change its position much. No need to prepare the fuel mixture (oil, benz is poured separately). Sensors for low oil and fuel levels (will not start or stop working if the level is low).
  • The biggest downside for me is overcharging. Why do manufacturers build everything on some kind of deception? Well, what are 2.9-3.2 kW.? Well, write honestly 1.9-2.2 kW. and no one will have any questions regarding the main characteristic. And even the price for this power will remain adequate. (Bought for 13400). And what does the number 3.9 mean? Also kind of misleading. Other disadvantages are: loud, heavy. Therefore, I bought wheels and roll away from the house around the corner. By power: 1 kW pulls without problems. 2 kw. also pulls, but his sausage at the same time is not childish. Leave it like this for the night if a 2 kW heater is connected. conscience does not allow, tk. vibration occurs. On the first day of operation, the nuts flew off, the bolts untwisted. I think after a few hours of work you just need to stretch everything. Difficult to pour oil. Draining is convenient.