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Review on πŸ“ Atkins Endulge Treat Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Bar - Delicious Low Carb Snack (5 Bars, 6 Ounce) by Leon Thompkins

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Bad Price & Bad Choice for Keto

Keto users, avoid...at all costs. Both have been die-hard keto fans for about five years. Let me tell you it's NOT! I bought these bars to supplement my keto diet and provide an alternative keto friendly snack. In my opinion, this product is a plagiarism. First, individual bars are actually half the size of the packaging they come in. But the Adkins folks conveniently filled the rest of the sealed package... with just air. That's right... squeeze the top of the wrapped rod and you will see that the actual rod is only about 60% or the size of the wrap it is in. I know, I know...they tell you the weight, so everything has to be based on that, right? Then why not save on packaging and keep the rest of the packaging and carton? Obviously, they want you to believe that you are getting almost twice as much bullion as it actually is. Second, they taste like chewing an ingot of steel or copper. They use sucrose. If you're like us, we're looking for "healthier" alternatives to artificial sweeteners. Why not Stevia guys from Adkins? People will tell you, "Oh, stevia hasn't been double-blind tested. Two questions: 1. Why not? It's definitely been long enough for someone to do this. (H) 2. Stevia has many unconfirmed test results as it has been used in some cultures for thousands of years. The simple answer is that stevia poses a threat to the sugar industry that it doesn't want to compete with. Last point. People who love to tease keto diets always use the Adkins diet as a spanking fast. They identify problems that occurred when Adkins users had kidney problems due to high protein targets in the Adkins diet. Well, the simple truth is that keto is NOT high in protein... instead, it's high in fat. I know it might seem even worse to someone who hasn't done any research. I found that the high-fat, low-carb diet combined with a reasonable protein intake served me very well. By the way, my cholesterol for "bad cholesterol" is GREAT now. But the truth is that high protein intake causes kidney problems in some people and protein can be converted into carbohydrates in our body. The whole idea behind the keto diet is to limit carbs because the problems that some people can usually have from having too many carbs in their diet are well known: diabetes, weight gain, heart problems, etc. The keto diet is transforming your body in running. on ketones instead of glucose (which is what all carbs and some excess proteins in our bodies produce). I'm only saying this based on my personal experience with this diet. But be aware that the elite military often goes on a ketogenic diet instead of a high-carb diet and even a high-protein diet. Disclaimer: Do your own research and talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes. (I would add that many doctors avoid the keto diet, but I feel like they do so without sufficient personal research. There are doctors who know a lot about keto and recommend it to anyone suffering from diabetes, weight issues, and even... suffers from a few other issues People with anxiety issues - I have PTSD and I have diabetes I switched to keto because of the benefits I found from using keto - after a lot of research we found a great doctor who used to be an Elite -Combat team in a special branch of keto-ketogenesis led US armed forces, which is a world-renowned military force.) Do your own research, find a doctor who knows about keto, and make your own decisions. But don't confuse adkins with keto in my opinion.

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