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Review on 🚽 Potette Plus Premium Potty Value Pack: Kalencom 2in1 Potette Plus for Easy Travel and Home Use - Portable Potty Seat with Reusable Liner by Doris Tran

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Potette vs Oxo

Potette plus and oxo in comparison. Potette plus is on the left and oxo on the right. Oxo is a little bigger and a little taller, but not really noticeable. The potette plus definitely has the best pee protection for boys and as you can see from the photos the bottom goes into the toilet to prevent urine from entering through the gap. You can see from the photos that the Oxo has quite a big gap in the front and nothing can reach the toilet. When my son checked it The urine came right out of the gap and went everywhere as expected. No leakage from the pot. Oxo wins when it comes to the ease and speed of its setup. It just snaps into place and you press a button to lay it on the floor or close it. Potette is a little trickier to get him up. I wish it had a button like Oxo. If I had a girlfriend, I would unconditionally prefer oxo potetta. Or choose Oxo if you just want to use the earbuds and don't intend to use them on the toilet. I have a boy and I plan to use this in public toilets, I will keep the potette because the pee protection is much better. Hope this helps anyone arguing between the two. The insert in the potette is quite difficult to roll up and remove. Perhaps the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Kalencom Potette Premium 2-in-1 Potty Seat is injection molded polymer for durability and reliable use. Rubber feet on the bottom ensure stability on any flat surface.
  • Poor instructions