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Review on Enhance Privacy And Aesthetics With BDF S15 One Way Mirror Silver 15 Window Film - 48In X 24Ft by Brannan Mclemore

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Have a helping hand. Large windows are very difficult to get perfect.

These were purchased for my mom's house on her account, but I did the installation and thus, am writing the review.First, everyone in the reviews is correct about the install being somewhat of a learning curve. The main part you need to get right is cleaning the window properly (this includes using a razor blade on the edge to remove any excess caulk from the frame) - otherwise it won't lay flat properly after you install. But that will apply to any product you use.If you are dealing with normal sized windows, it should be really easy for you, however, the large format windows (the top of the photo here) were like 48in wide x 6ft and were a huge pain to get right. I personally didn't have to redo any of them, but lining it up while making sure you dont get that large sheet in contact with anything else during the process is a hassle.Regarding this particular product. One thing that really irritated me was that there was no cardboard tubing on the inside of the roll. I mean, even plastic wrap, Christmas wrapping paper, you name it has it. When it comes to film to tint windows, it NEEDS to have this. Any sort of bend will potentially create a permanent crease in the sheet. This will naturally occur without this reinforcement as you roll out sheets to cut for your windows and go to pick up the remainder of the roll. To me, this is an essential part that is entirely left out. Putting the roll back into the packaging to finish the job later is a no-no as that will really bend up the rest of the material.The tint looks nice, and the reflection from the outside is clear. This was installed recently (Fall) so the UV/Heat differences have yet to be seen.Longevity has yet to be seen as well, but I think if you installed it properly (clean those edges and use plenty of application liquid!) it should be just fine.The trick is minimizing any debris that sneak in from the time you pull off the protective sheet to the time it is placed on the window.Good luck!

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  • Worked great
  • One-way mirror films may block natural light from entering the space, which can be detrimental to mental health and productivity