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Review on 2Pcs 160Mm 180Mm 203Mm 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor Stainless Steel Bicycle MTB BMX Road Bike by James Martin

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Not "Avid Gray Market ". Cheap. Warped. Shriek like a banshee.

I read many reviews that said these were "Avid gray market". Although the price was too good to be true, I took a chance anyway. Mine were NOT marked Avid, and right away I could tell they were not name brand in any way. The rotor surfaces had not been prepped, sanded or otherwise, and the grain of the steel ran in one clear direction. When installed, they rubbed intermittently because they are not completely flat, and after several break in rides with new Avid pads on bb7 calipers, these were not just noisy, but they scream. I have never heard such a noise eminating from disc brakes on a bike. I sucked it up and bought genuine avid centerline rotors to replace these and they are whisper quiet. Pros: These are cheap, and will stop your bike. Cons: These are cheap, and you get what you pay for. They SHRIEK, and mine were slightly warped out of the box.

  • Not the highest quality but for a re-build perfict
  • Can be difficult to find replacement parts if damaged or worn