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Review on Computer chair Zombie VIKING 5 AERO gaming chair, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/white by Agata Janczewska ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I didn't like it, I don't recommend buying.

Impression? Bad. Perhaps they were deceived in advance. I'll write what happened here. ps The cross was changed. Bring the courier. The status of the order is CANCELLED. They say nothing can be done, but they restored the electronic check. The store asked for it. In general, there were no difficulties with the replacement. Changed. So far there are no new bugs. But that's for now. If anything comes up I'll post it here. I will not change the rating of goods 2. The chair deserves this rating.

  • The chair is big. comfortable for sitting. Pillows.
  • Bad luck from the start. The product was received on time. When assembling, it turned out that not to screw one handle. Because there was no thread (first photo). They forgot to cut it in one hole. I had to get out of the situation - refinement. I took a bolt of a smaller diameter and grabbed it with a nut on the reverse side. Disorder. For this I was given a coupon for a discount of 1000 on . But he burned out. I haven't been able to buy anything. Received the goods and paid in cash. After that, in my personal account, this order became in the status - canceled. I did not cancel, but paid the money. I immediately wrote to support. There are letters and answers. They told me it was an error, but so far the status has been cancelled. And I need to return the goods, but in no way))) There is no button to return the goods. This was in April. Now October. The cross broke. Crack . Shock absorber fell to the floor))) For half a year. Oh, Chinese, Chinese. I wouldn't buy again. Let's see what they tell me in the store. I'll write here. And you think to buy or not. Cancellation status. It was not solved then in the support service. On the hands of a broken chair and a sales receipt. They didn't give me a cashier's check. Everything is cloudy. I am writing to support . Let's see.

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July 04, 2023
Pros: Haven't found it yet. Different cons: Brought with marriage. I can't use it properly.
July 04, 2023
10 k are thrown into the wind.