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Review on TapeandMedia by Regina M_va

My review about TapeandMedia

Hi, my readers, I am going to write you about a small family-owned business, which called TapeandMedia. It was established in 2000.

Their products are really quality, reliable and have good price. I am able to tell you that they try to provide an outstanding customer service experience. Cause TapeandMedia has always given me exciting service. My orders usually ship the same day which I order and their delivery is also fast. I've never had a problem with their products or services.

I want to note that if you contact with them, they answer for your message not only in writing but also in a voice form. They have various kind of categories as Data Media, Hard Drives, ID and Security, Hardware and Flash, Disc Media, Video Media and also different and popular kind of brands as Unitech , Sony, Panasonic, Epson, Magicard and etc.

And in general I wanted to add that their aim is that TapeandMedia will become your business partner that you are able to count on. So I advise to operate with this company

Pros & cons

  • Great customer service
  • good price
  • Quick responses
  • Excellent products
  • Fast delivery
  • Nothing to say