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Review on ASUS VG259Q Gaming Monitor FreeSync DisplayPort 24.5", 1920X1080P, Blue Light Filter, Height Adjustment, Built-In Speakers, by Aaron Shaw

Good screen, just what I wanted

I bought 4 of these monitors as I may have a mild gaming addiction. While that's better than crack addiction, my choice has led me to a monitor with a better frequency, which in turn gives a better refresh rate. All in all I have no regrets about any of them other than having to pay for them. I used 4 of these, in pairs vertically, to frame the 30" Dell I previously had. I installed my old Samsung displays that weren't Vesa compatible. , on other PCs in the house, give them a major upgrade and then use them. Basically I play 5 or 6 different games at the same time and need more space. However, I love the joy of being able to do research while having a word open, a few web pages and documents, and maybe a program or two without swiping. Very productive. Found dead pixels or image projection. 2. Although they came with some settings that were pretty light, another reviewer linked to a preset profile that was very easy to load and gave them a more manageable look. The profile is worth a little extra effort as it works for everyone since it's the same ad. You may need to tweak it, nothing is exactly the same and you just don't like the way it looks. This is called preference.3. I have a triple SLI Nvidia gtx680. The ability to use a display port on these screens was a huge plus. Displayport will become the standard as they will eventually replace VGA, DVI-X for better performance. DVI was used on one as I only had 3 ports and that works great too. DisplayPort displays have been overclocked to 144MHz, but I have to tell you that personally I'm not sure I see much of a difference. Maybe I'm not playing the right games, but Crysis 2 looks nice4. Although I didn't use it, the base looked very nice. This is one place where some displays really save money. I have nothing more to say since I haven't implemented them.5. Cable management was a nice touch. I still bundled all the cables from the back, but they allow for neat cable management. Disadvantages 1. Low, very low. Since the buttons were on the bottom, I had to leave some room so I could turn them off when needed. I AM? Almost never, and that's just because of the booth and space I used. I don't give a star for that. I would buy them again but I really hope I don't feel the need :) Update 11/09/2019: Still going strong and not a single issue in all these years. A few small notes: Asus as a brand has lost all respect for the lack of quality their company as a whole is putting into products today, including my new graphics cards, but these displays did a great job with no display issues. Graphics cards, I have 2 Asus Strix GTX1070 and both have lost a display port. One lasted

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Pros & cons

  • ‎1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Bad refresh rate.

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