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Review on UpKeep by Josh Moore

Revainrating 5 out of 5

UpKeep - review about this awesome sevice

This ticket management software is awesome! Our team has used it for years now and it has saved us MANY man hours of manually entering tickets into our database. Now instead of sitting around making coffee or going over emails we focus on building the asset and then managing our maintenance. We never look back :)

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As a consultant, there’s no greater joy than seeing clients successfully implement new processes to solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable. Yet, many times, those same clients still struggle with simple issues after implementation. That’s where Upkeep comes into play. On projects ranging anywhere form 10 to 200+ seat facilities, from individual small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, Upkeep is helping organizations improve efficiencies across all departments by providing visibility into both inventory and employee availability. These two components, coupled with our smart scheduling algorithm give customers the ability to predict and control workforce availability, ensuring they never lose track of a critical asset again. With the flexibility to monitor schedules of 50 to 10,000 seats, Up Keep helps increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and overall provide superior customer service while keeping costs under control.

Great Ticketing System! Works great. You can send email messages to groups, individuals, or even reply. If they accept the message, then you receive an automated email to let you know that ticket status changed. I really liked using this. It helped me organize myself since I'm a perfectionist :)

The app is easy to navigate, has great workflow options available, includes integrations that make sense for our industry, and most importantly; it works as advertised! Our ticket database grew significantly over the last few years and we needed something capable of handling all of the new issues that were introduced while maintaining functionality for existing tickets. This application fits that criteria perfectly! Additionally, the app interface makes intuitive sense even to someone without previous experience in a ticketing system.

  • Easy to learn - very intuitive
  • No coding required (except for customizing)
  • Very powerful features
  • Not sure about pricing yet
  • Some minor bugs here and there

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