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Review on Sceptre Edge Less FreeSync DisplayPort C248B 144RN 165Hz, Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Frameless, Blue Light Filter, ‎C248B-144RN, LED by Jason Law

I think it's great for gaming.

Installation was very easy, two screws go into the back of the monitor, two more into the base. Including Phillips screwdriver. There is an HDMI 1.4 port that supports 1080@120Hz, an HDMI 2.0 port that supports 1080@144Hz, and a DisplayPort that supports 1080@144Hz. The monitor comes with a DisplayPort cable. When the monitor is on it runs at 60Hz. This needs to be changed in the settings of windows 10. In the resolution settings is the Advance Display Adapter settings, here change it to 144Hz. If you try to change it elsewhere, it probably won't work. If your on-screen text is even a little blurry, you're probably still in 60Hz mode and not noticing. I changed mine in AMD Control Panel but it didn't really change until I went into windows settings and changed it to 144hz. FreeSync works very well. I believe the range is between 49Hz and 144Hz. I use AMD Chill to keep the range between 70 and 144. All VSync disabled to allow FreeSync to run smoothly. If you're constantly going above 144, which is unlikely with AMD hardware, you might want to try Adaptive VSync. FreeSync must also be enabled in the monitor menu. OverDrive aims to give you the best pixel response. I didn't find it worth it, the slight loss in color depth wasn't worth the slightly faster response time. The monitor also features advanced calibration settings, gamma, red, blue, green, yellow, cyan and magenta. I found that the default is slightly greenish-blue, I reduced each of them by a few ticks. I also lowered the gamma from 2.2 to 2.4 to get a little more depth in the black levels. Just want to point out that in my testing 2.2 was perfect, I just prefer a slightly darker black tone. There's a film mode which, although it looks good, is jet black and super saturated, shadows are crushed in games making it difficult to spot enemies. I found the FPS preset to be pretty good. The speakers are terrible, not worth mentioning. I also like the crooked monitor. My previous one was a 27" flat and I always felt like I was too tight for that size. 24 inches on the table is much more convenient. Very good monitor for the price, 144hz catches my eye straight away, can't believe I went without it for so long. I would recommend this monitor. My hardware is a Ryzen processor with an AMD rx 580.

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