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Review on Sceptre Edge Less FreeSync DisplayPort C248B 144RN 165Hz, Curved Screen, Built-In Speakers, Frameless, Blue Light Filter, ‎C248B-144RN, LED by Steven Bennett

AMD Scepter 24 " 144Hz Edgeless Curved LED Gaming Monitor.

Hello! Good evening/morning/afternoon. Here's the review! As an amateur reviewer I understand the limits of budget, working within my means as best I can while still being poor but wanting something you know to keep that flame alive in you. We all need entertainment in one way or another. So I'll check out the "cheap" stuff and see if it's worth it for you. Because while it may be cheap for others, it can be an investment. I understand that! No judgment because I'm damn poor too. Company origin: Scepter! A very interesting company. Most of their monitor and TV panels are made from scrap/refurbished panels from LG and Samsung. Customer service? Terrible. I mean it's very bad. The real "You get what you pay for" brand. You might get lucky like me and get a TV/monitor from a store like Menards/Home Depot for $200 and it might even take you YEARS. The panel lottery is STRONG and unforgiving. As with most Chinese manufacturers from brands you don't know, the panel lottery dictates which panel you get, it can look fantastic, or it can look like absolute rubbish. The TV has served me for 5 years, which is crazy. Display/Quality: Blooming, that is, every time a dark/black surface appears, you can see the backlight LED emanating from the top and bottom, looks like cones of light. It may or may not be perceptible. Good for gaming, but here are some tips: Calibrate! Calibration! Calibration. In the OSD (OnScreenDisplay) for the screen and in the nvidia control panel. Enable 144Hz in the NVIDIA Control Panel. People always forget this and it's crazy how easy it is to solve. There is an overdrive setting, don't turn it off, that's bullshit. This leads to a doubling. Not fun and not worth the response time as you lose color. Sharpening: It's usually turned off on TVs because it creates artificial edges that spoil content in games. On the Specter MONITOR, this makes it legally blurry when you turn it down. never seen before Keep it at 50. Narrator: These are terrible, but good if you just want to delve into them. For comparison, I saved on a Dell gsync monitor, 27 inches, costs $400. I'm sorry for that. It has NO speakers lol. Features: Freesync, HDMI 2.1 and 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4. They work fine. Buy your own cables as some of the cables that come with monitors don't usually work. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. This is a problem for every manufacturer. I always recommend! :) Summary: For 1080p gaming at 144Hz it's OK! Looks good after calibration, Pubg, Fortnite, Gears 5, Forza. But be careful! Instead I recommend Pixio Monitor, better quality and customer service and more features for about 20 or 30 more at 1080p. If something goes wrong, return it within 30 days and receive a Pixio. Tips for dealing with customer support after the 30-day return period: be patient, don't be rude and die. If they tell you to follow the troubleshooting steps, follow them, or at least pretend to do them, even if you've ALREADY RUN them. Extend your manufacturer's warranty, especially if it's about to expire. Tbh doesn't hurt! Watch after! :) Trust me it will help you.

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