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Review on LATCH.IT - Keyless RV Door Lock For Secure And Convenient Entry by Troy Drake

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Immediately Impressed!

I'm renovating an RV built in 1994. The deadbolt key on the original lock was missing and I opted to just shop for a new handle/lock set. Initially I was just going to go with a standard key set.but then decided to splurge on a keyless entry one. I figure if I'm going to spend money to change things, I might as well do it right.My keypad lock arrived yesterday and excited, I immediately went to install it. First thing I noticed.this is HEAVY! Well.it seems so to me. Maybe I'm just wimpy. But I'm certain the weight of it is due to it being all metal.which is definitely a plus. It will stand up to a lot of wear and abuse.This was very easy to install. I was even able to watch how-to videos on YouTube.which was super helpful. Any issues I had were due to the previous owners' sloppy DIY jobs. I'm finding more and more of that as I dig deeper in this RV renovation project.Now that it's installed, everything works great and smoothly. I had a little bit of a challenge programming my new code because my fingers were just not typing fast enough before programming mode timed out. But eventually it accepted my code and everything is dandy now. The instructions were very clear in explaining how to silence it without beeps. I noticed some people commented on the noise of the beeping. It's not loud.actually, I like it so I know it's registering which buttons I'm pressing so I don't get confused and type a number 2x or more.And probably the only thing I could find disappointment in would be the keyless pad is to only lock/unlock the deadbolt. You can lock the deadbolt by the red plastic handle inside. From the outside, your deadbolt lock/unlock options are with a manual key, numeric keypad, or key fob (if you have that mode turned on from the inside door panel). Then you'll notice another lock on the outside closer to the top for the door handle latch. The keypad and fobs do NOT work for the door handle latch towards the top. That can only be operated with the standard key from the outside. There is no way to lock/unlock the latch handle when you are inside. Your only lock option from the inside is the deadbolt. That being said, you do run the risk of being locked out if you shut the door with the latch locked and do not have the manually operated key. Your touchpad will not communicate with the standard lock.And so.I will probably only really ever use the deadbolt when I leave or for security and safety when I'm stopped and sleeping inside for the night.All this said, not having the keypad operate the handle/latch isn't a deal-breaker. It would be nice to be able to double-lock myself in from the inside. Maybe other models offer that? But.so far.only installed for one day, I'm still really happy with my purchase and impressed with the durability and quality of this door lock.

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