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Review on Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups - 12 Pack Multicolor Muffin Liners for Efficient Baking by Heather Shaw

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Not everything that glitters is gold, it also stinks.

Dear friends, I feel that hatred for the Fix-Price chain of stores is overpowering me more and more)) I periodically go there, to be honest, I have never left without a purchase)) Sometimes it's more or less something normal, absolutely good - a rare case, well, but nonsense comes across more and more often. The other day, a neighbor called and said that her mother bought an excellent set for cupcakes at Fix Price and for only 99 rubles. Of course, we went with her and bought some for ourselves too, although I don't do much like baking, but the herd mentality worked. The set includes one large cake pan and six small ones. I like such "troughs")) I also really liked the color of the form. Naturally, the country of origin: China. The set also includes these six molds for small cupcakes. Milota! So, we came home, I immediately decided to start baking, quickly found a simple recipe, looked at the products in stock, everything is there, I don’t even have to go to the store. And you know, I was just lucky that I didn’t have time to make the dough, but decided to pull the molds out of the packaging, rinse and dry, and I myself think I’ll make the dough at that time. Opened both packages. GUARD!!! The stink, like from the rubber boots of a sewer !!! I was shocked! I have one silicone mold at home, a simple round cake mold, but it has no smell at all! I take these forms, go to a neighbor, and this bag is already making dough. I suggest she open the molds. I opened it, sniffed it, and threw it in the trash can. I make her call her mother and ask, and her molds are normal. I called. I asked. She said that they stink too, or rather, they no longer stink, she took it to the trash! A neighbor "ran over" her, says: why did you advise them to me? This cunning mother answered that she did not advise anything, but simply answered the question, like, what did you buy. So, who's the fool here? I!))) On the label there is an interesting inscription: "Save for possible references." It's funny (((Where to go and who to give a sniff? I did not go to Fix Price, but my neighbor did, but she was politely answered that the uniforms did not have any damage, and they were not responsible for the smell. I did not hope for anything, and indeed time and nerves are more expensive than 99 rubles. But in the near future I didn’t have a foot in this store, something too often I began to step on the same rake. I strongly recommend not to buy such molds! Free cheese only in a mousetrap!

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  • Color and shape
  • Stink terribly