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Review on Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups - 12 Pack Multicolor Muffin Liners for Efficient Baking by Doris Tran

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Still, Fix-Price is not hopeless. Good molds for baking at an attractive price.

I'm probably not the only shopper who thinks Fix-Price is a lottery store. Here you can buy something more or less decent, as well as frankly useless or completely low-quality thing. And despite the positioning of Fix-Price as a "best price" store, this statement can also be easily argued, since a number of goods a stone's throw from "FP" are sold cheaper. But, despite my earlier somewhat dismissive attitude towards "FP", lately (1.5 years), I managed, if not to love this network, then at least to respect it. I won’t list all my successful purchases at FP now, but the store helped me out more than once when I needed to buy consumables for a tea party at school or a picnic. Tablecloths for the table, cups, plates are sold there of very good quality, the latter are made of thick cardboard. In addition, my daughter goes to choreography classes, the ensemble often performs, so sometimes you need decor elements for a costume or some kind of props. Fix-Price in this regard helps a lot, here you can find wonderful things at the lowest price. Well, now let's talk about kitchen attributes, or rather about baking tins. I really love high-quality dishes and accessories, so in my life I would not have bought anything from this series at Fix Price if it weren’t for the reviews. And they were extremely positive. The Kitchen cupcake and muffin tin set has a modest but bright package. There are 6 molds in total in a pack. They are made in China. Shelf-life Unlimited. Silicone molds are made. By the way, the colors of the molds can be different: orange, purple, light green, red, yellow. The molds on the sides are corrugated, which will invariably affect baking. I did not feel any strong or repulsive smell when removing from the packaging from the molds. But before using, I washed them with dishwashing detergent and treated with boiling water (for complacency). What I don’t really like about these molds is that their walls are quite soft and thin, you need to carefully transfer the mold filled with dough onto a baking sheet, otherwise, if you press your hands on the sides of the mold, the dough may simply splash out. I have not had such incidents, but theoretically it is possible. Despite the soft walls, the molds hold the baking shape well (sorry for the tautology). Your pastries will not turn out to be kurguz or slanted. The molds are suitable both for baking at a temperature of + 220C, and for cooling to a temperature of -40C. When baking, I usually fill the molds with dough by half or a little more, it will still rise in the process. Here is an example. In the summer I baked pancake donuts, I had the opportunity to compare silicone and metal molds. And if the finished donuts from silicone molds just flew out, then in metal ones they firmly stuck to the walls, and despite that, I greased them well with oil. Another advantage of silicone molds is that there is no need to lubricate the walls and bottom with oil. As you may have guessed, I have used Kitchen silicone molds many times and have been more than satisfied with the results. Pancake donuts with meat filling. Pancake donuts with cream. Cupcakes with chocolate filling. Cupcakes with apricot. After baking, the contents of the molds can be easily removed and are also easy to clean. Enough water and a sponge. The disadvantages can also be attributed to the fact that when baking, the bottom of the molds (more for light-colored molds) darkens, they lose their original new look. Otherwise, the forms are very good, suitable for cooking culinary masterpieces. Still, the Fix-Price goods store is not hopeless and from time to time, if you dig well, you can find worthy goods at a low price.

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  • You can say quality; easy to clean; baking does not burn; no need to use oil; inexpensive; variety of colors.
  • The bottom of light forms darkens; soft sides of forms.