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Review on High-Resolution Touch Screen Acer T272HL Bmjjz HDMI Monitor – 27 Inch WQHD Display by Jeff Allen

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Questionable monitor, but it's hard to tell what exactly is wrong

Trying to get this to work but there are some problems. First, there's no DVI input, it's really a VGA input. Found out my card has DVI-I so a DVI to VGA converter would work for me. The fonts and icons have a faint shadow, but the graphics look sharp. So what's the problem, I don't know. Maybe Windows 8.1 or some installation option I'm not aware of. I'll try a bit more before I decide if I'll come back. Touchscreen, ok with 2 monitors, one touch doesn't work, and the second touch monitor didn't really work. Remove the non-touch monitor and make that the main screen and the touchscreen is now much better and good. It's light and I've seen some forums discussing issues with Win 8.1 aliases, so I'm not sure if shadow icons/fonts are a monitor bug. or not. Definitely a bit difficult. As for the power issue, I haven't seen it, but I've read some mentions of disabling USB(s) auto-off settings. So the jury is still out and still working on it. To be honest, 3 stars for now. Update: Font shading is bad for my aged eyes. I will return the monitor. By resetting the calibration for the "graphics tablet" I got a touchscreen on all sides that even works with a second monitor. Again, do not calibrate. This monitor is used as the main monitor. It's bright and pretty and otherwise works great and I'd love to keep it but the font shadow really bothers my eyes. Especially after a while. On a second non-touchscreen monitor I can drag a window, say a notepad, and there is no shadow on the fonts. If there is another solution, I couldn't find it. Too bad, and I suspect if some don't have a tint, it could be a "batch quality assurance" issue. I hope they get it right because otherwise they are very good monitors. There are no other complaints. Last update: well he's waiting for the shipment to return. The only problem I couldn't work around was the ghosting. The text seemed blurry, but it was actually a slightly right-shifted image. symbols. For example, the Windows 8.x icon in the bottom left of the screen had a small ghost image on the right where I could easily see the edge of the phantom, and the crossed lines in the small window icon also had the phantom shifted to the right. .The only thing I haven't tried is another video cable, but it was new. It requires a VGA connection, which meant I had to buy an adapter for DVI-I or a cable with the right connectors. I bought a new cable made specifically for DVI-I to VGA. I tried to reinstall it but it didn't work. OK. It's bright and beautiful, and if you can get one that doesn't have this problem then you should be fine. permit. 1920 x 1080 for a 27-inch touchscreen of this size is probably sufficient as you don't want things to be too small when you touch them. A higher resolution would be nice, but perhaps not as practical as it should be for a touchscreen that you pay more for.

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