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Review on Netac NV7000 NT01NV7000-1T0-E4X SSD, M.2, 1.0Tb, PCI-E x4, Read: 7200 Mb/s, Write: 6800 Mb/s, 3D NAND, 1400TBW, NVMe by Mateusz Grzesiak  (M ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A good product at a good price, I advise you to try it.

Immediately after installing the drive, it was divided into 2 disks, the OS was cloned on one, and the other was left empty for information. CrystalDiskInfo v.7.6.0 didn't see the drive at all. AIDA64 sees the drive itself, but there was no temperature sensor in the description, so it did not display the temperature of the drive. The native utility NetacSSDToolBox, downloaded from the official site, constantly showed the same temperature of 54 degrees, both in load and idle. Because of this, I thought that the temperature sensor on the drive was not working correctly. Only the CPUID HWMonitor showed the temperature, including the dynamics (see screenshot), and as you can see, despite the heavy heatsink, the drive is quite hot. The temperatures are not critical, given that the drive is running an OS, and the limit on the manufacturer's website is 70 degrees, but nevertheless. In addition, it's a little annoying that most of the time it shows 54 degrees. Initially, I inserted this drive not into the main slot and thought that this might be the problem. However, when changing the slot, the situation did not change. You can see all the speeds when copying information of various sizes (from several hundred MB to hundreds of GB) from HDD, SSD (SATA III) and from the drive itself on the screenshots to the drive. I did a synthetic test only in AIDA64. Of course, I don’t pretend to be the truth in the first instance, because I didn’t compare the speeds under the same conditions (first I dumped information on it from the HDD, then from the SSD, then copied it, and all this time the drive filled up more and more), but nevertheless you can trace for performance in work, not in synthetics. If I did or wrote something wrong, I hope they will correct me and point out errors.

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Adding some photos was a no-brainer to better illustrate my experience.


  • Price (I took it lower than on Alik, plus I used Plus bonuses, it turned out 5k. For 1 TB M.2 - just super!)
  • Hot Speeds in real work are not very impressive

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