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Review on Portable Wardrobe Closet With Hanging Rods And Shelves - Neprock Clothing Rack For Free Standing Closet Organization And Storage by Leandro Gray

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Budget isn't always bad, full review

OVERVIEW:A budget friendly option for added organizational space that works as advertised. Budget doesn't always mean bad. It is functional and worth the cost. It easily holds all of my motorcycle gear; three pairs of boots, a helmet, a heavy leather jacket, summer jacket, summer riding pants, leather pants, armored pants liner, a full riding suit, two different pairs of jeans, and other items like gloves and riding layers. The unit is stable, even with the above on it, which isn't a light load. There still is plenty of shelf space left. The riding suit is bulky and if removed, a lot more could easily be hung up without being packed in or getting wrinkled.I decided to check with my shirts, pictures also attached, and 20 men's button down shirts, medium and large, fit easily on the bar with roughly evenly spaced and ample room to prevent wrinkles. Plenty of clearance with the shelf below them. I added tennis shoes for reference. With my hangers, there is roughly 39 inches from the swivel to the shelf.PROS:- Very easy to assemble.- One person assembly.- Comes with hex wrench for assembly, no other tools necessary.- Parts are well marked and separated in bags. The parts I got were not marked, the bags were. No stickers to remove.- One bolt size so you are not confused while assembling it.- Clear directions, only in English, with good font size. No eye strain or accidentally trying to read the instructions in another language when you need a quick glance at them.- Adjustable feet.- Budget friendly.- Reversible. Want the shelves on the right side? Pick it up and rotate it 180 degrees. There is no "front" side or a presentation side that has more polish.- Lock up between parts is solid.CONS:- Wire shelves, which I knew so I purchased clear plastic shelf liners (not pictured). I do wish they came with lines.- The bars looked thicker online that they are, but they are sturdy. They are about 1.5 inches in circumference and 0.5 inches in diameter.- Longer pants/skirts/dresses will run into the bottom shelf (I do not advise removing the shelf or you may lose stability), but shirts and jackets are absolutely fine. The pants in the pictures are men's 34 or longer.- You can over tighten some of the welded on nuts, causing the welding to fail.SUGGESTIONS FOR OTHER USERS:- When assembling, work bottom to top when adding the shelves and ensure the bars are seated. Working with it laying on the floor is not a problem and how they advise assembling it.- Set the screws, but don't fully tighten until it is all together and upright, then tighten from bottom to top. This will make it sit together nice and tight and properly aligned.- For ease, I used a ratchet driver with a hex bit instead of the provided hex wrench. This does increase the risk of over tightening the bolts.- Sometimes carpet can destabilize furniture, even with a piece like this that has adjustable feet, so if you're having trouble keeping it stabilized, a wooden board in between the feet and carpet should stabilize it. I didn't need one, even with all of my heavy motorcycle gear and having plush carpet.FINAL THOUGHTS:I was highly impressed with the company for how they organized everything. All of the parts were easily marked and it was compact for shipping. As common as hex wrenches are, I appreciate when a company doesn't assume I have one, the same with ensuring there are few extra bolts/screws rather than coming up short.The instructions were clear, easy to read, and they clearly took their time to ensure it was that way. You can tell how a company truly feels about their products by the instructions and they didn't just quickly write one knowing the product would break. They took the time and effort to make sure it was well made, just like the parts. The parts are engineered to make machining quick and easy for them, which reduces their costs and the prices it is sold at, so there are a few "extra" bolt slots in bars so they can ship four #E parts instead of two of #E and two #F, which would also complicate assembly.I'm very satisfied with it. Companies often impress me with their products by rarely earn a review from me. I'm just an average customer who was impressed enough by certain things to write an honest review.

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  • Spacious
  • Room for shelves is limited and might not be enough for larger items