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Review on πŸ“± Unlocked Refurbished Apple iPhone 11 - US Version (64GB, Black) by Harry Brown

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Apple IPhone 11 64GB Black cell phone review

Apple has proven that it does not want to make changes to the appearance of its iPhones and keeps the design style of its iPhones the same for several consecutive years! In this regard, the design and appearance style of iPhone 11 is almost similar to the design style and appearance of iPhone XR. The main frame of this phone, like the iPhone XR, is made of 7000 series aluminum, and the back cover and front panel are covered with scratch-resistant glass. Even the body size of the device is quite similar to the iPhone XR and offers dimensions of 8.3 by 75.7 by 150.9 mm. The phone weighs about 194 grams, which is exactly the same weight as the iPhone XR. The phone has the ability to support eSIM technology, which allows you to use a virtual number next to the main SIM card of the phone, but to use this feature, the SIM card service provider must support this technology. Apparently, a version of the iPhone 11 with the possibility of simultaneous support for two nano-physical SIM cards is also available in China.

One of the breakthroughs in the design of the iPhone 11 is the support for the IP68 waterproof standard, which allows the device to last up to 30 minutes in 2 meters of water. It should be noted that the iPhone XR supports the IP67 standard. The iPhone 11 supports Apple's Face ID feature, which can be easily used to unlock the screen. In reviewing the Apple iPhone 11, the power and high accuracy of the Facebook ID feature was clearly understood, and even in dark environments, we were able to unlock the screen with this feature without any problems.

When you look at the iPhone 11 from the front, you will not be very attracted to it, because the device does not offer a special feature, and the phone from the front is quite similar to last year's Apple iPhone XR. The screen has relatively narrow margins, and at the top of the screen is a colored problem bar that includes the selfie camera lens, front sensors, and Facebook ID accessories. When you turn the iPhone 11 over and look at it from the back, you will feel only one change in it, which is related to the main camera lens of the device! Unlike the iPhone XR, the main camera consists of two lenses mounted vertically in the upper left and upper corners of the back cover.

Apple has also installed a square metal part in place of the iPhone 11's main camera lens, which makes the device look a little different. As always, the Apple logo is embedded in the center of the back cover of the phone, and a quad LED flash light is provided for the main camera of the product. Apple has released the iPhone 11 in a variety of colors, including black, green, yellow, purple, red and white. You will feel good when you hold the Apple iPhone 11 in your hand, but we must admit that holding this phone does not convey a very different and unique feeling to you. In our opinion, the build quality and design of the iPhone 11 is high, and this will undoubtedly be a positive feature of the device, but this smartphone does not have much to say in terms of appearance, and its similarity to the iPhone XR does not seem interesting at all.

img 1 attached to πŸ“± Unlocked Refurbished Apple iPhone 11 - US Version (64GB, Black) review by Harry Brown
img 2 attached to πŸ“± Unlocked Refurbished Apple iPhone 11 - US Version (64GB, Black) review by Harry Brown
img 3 attached to πŸ“± Unlocked Refurbished Apple iPhone 11 - US Version (64GB, Black) review by Harry Brown


  • Applying waterproof standard
  • The metal part of the camera lens
  • Use the faceID feature
  • Duplicate appearance

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