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Review on Giftgarden Woodgrain Picture Ledge Shelf Set - 24 Inch Black Floating Shelves for Storage in Home and Office, Set of 3 Different Sizes by Emanuel Frison

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Shelf broke within 24 hours

I ordered 3 sets of these in 3 different sizes, the 16", 24" and 36", planning to use them in different rooms and to mix up the sizes for visual interest. Note that they are different depths, packaged so that they nest together. The differing depths are stated in the description, but I missed that. It didn't matter to me, as I only planned to lean framed photos on them, and didn't need them to be particularly deep, but that may matter to you, depending on what you want to place on the shelves. I matched the shelves by depth, with one of each width staggered on the wall: 16"-24"-36". They were a little darker than I expected, more of a dark walnut, but that wasn't a big deal to me, either, they worked well enough in my rooms. I had a handy man hang them for me in our den and my daughter's room, undecided on where to place the third set, so I'm saving that set for another room. He was happy to see the included hardware , and he had no problems hanging them. I then decorated the den as planned, placing different pictures on each shelf. All was great for about a day, until we heard a loud crash and thought our daughter had fallen down the stairs. I quickly discovered that she was fine, but my shelf wasn't.I had only placed 3 (average, not super heavy) pictures on it, but it had separated at the joint where the two boards meet. Luckily, the pics hit a sofa before landing on the floor and we did not have to clean up a mess of glass. Now, I have to figure out how to arrange a return or replacement, or determine if it makes more sense to try to repair the shelf. I'm not sure Gorilla glue will do it, though. I'm hoping I don't have to remove the other already-hung shelves to return a full set. I guess I'll find out. So, buyer beware, be sure you inspect your shelves carefully before hanging them or you'll risk damage to the things you place on them, as well as anything (or anyone) below them.

  • The neutral black color of these shelves makes them a perfect fit for a wide range of color schemes and design styles, allowing them to seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture and décor
  • May be difficult to install without professional help

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July 25, 2023
Each are the same length but different in width they go from smaller to larger but overall I''m in love with these shelves! Ordered 2 sets of the 36" and they went perfectly with the design I wanted for our living room!