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Review on Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool Kids' Furniture, Decor & Storage by Doris Tran

Utopia Home compact chair, easy to use - my review about it

Good afternoon, dear readers of ! Recently I went to the store and I came across folding stools of different sizes. I immediately got the idea to buy, as my son constantly sits on the rug in the hallway when he puts on his shoes. You understand how you don’t get out, but anyway, a rug in the corridor is a rug in the corridor. Unsanitary, in a word. At that time, it was not very convenient for me to buy it, so I put it off, and when I got to the computer, I saw that there was still an opportunity to save money when buying. The price in the store was 470 rubles, in the online store 314 rubles). The difference of 150 rubles pleased me, especially since I see the driver of this online store every day (at work) and he brought it to me for free for 300 rudders.))) The only thing that didn’t make me very happy was that the color is white turned out to be (. For some reason, I didn’t immediately discuss that I want it darker, but this is just my mistake. The stool is made of plastic, strong enough. As it is written on the label, it can withstand up to 125 kg. All members of our family sat on it - it didn’t break) . It is very convenient because when folded it takes up a minimum of space, it can be placed along the wall behind the sofa and it will not be visible). Folded height: 39 cm. The dimensions of this stool: width - 31 cm, length - 27 cm, height - 27.5 cm. Seat dimensions: length - 23 cm, width - 27 cm. This manufacturer has stools of this type in a larger size. It folds up very easily and is easy to transport. At first, when I brought it home, my son thought it was another toy, drove cars under a stool and played. As intended, of course, he also used it, if necessary. Then I explained to him that this was for him so that he would not sit on the rug in the corridor. Tried to sit down once. to put on shoes, but, apparently, he was so used to putting on shoes flopping down on the rug, he said that it was not convenient (. For the purpose for which it was purchased, we don’t use it at the moment, but still there is a plus - the son no longer sits on the rug , puts on shoes while standing))). And we use the stool just out of necessity, in the summer we will most likely take it to the country. We will use it as MarEvo512 in the beds). Thanks for the idea, by the way. I recommend to buy, a very convenient compact folding stool.

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