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Review on Davies Appliance by Jose Palma

Davies Appliance, facilitates the purchase of products, accepts credit card payments and offers good home delivery and installation services.

Davies Appliance, is a physical outdoor store that guarantees good options and variety of brands for the purchase of household items, appliances and products, likewise ensures good access to offers, home delivery services of products purchased, likewise ensures good installation services, repair of household appliances and a reliable and friendly advice to customers. Davies Appliance, is a physical store outdoors, which guarantees good sales services of products, likewise, integrates an online platform, which facilitates electronic purchases of various brands of products, thus having a platform where it is possible to join easily, have a good selection of products, access to information about the characteristics, likewise has a well-functioning system in which it is possible to request a quote, making it easy to know prices of products. Davies Appliance, integrates in its platform the facility for financing, also has good support with credit cards and banking system to be able to pay for household appliances or home products annexed to the cart.

Pros & cons

  • It offers a variety of payment methods that are easy to use, secure and easy to pay for the various products selected.
  • Offers a good system of secure, reliable and optimal advice for the purchase, payment and selection of products.
  • It offers good marketing strategies for the various home appliance products, articles and for the store, ensuring access to updated information from the social media channels.
  • It ensures that users can access financing.
  • Its home delivery services are safe and fast.
  • It integrates good strategies for promotions and discounts, which has allowed a percentage of savings on purchases of household appliances.
  • Does not accept PayPal payment in its store.