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Review on 🎢 External USB Sound Card - CREATIVE Sound BlasterX G6 by Akemi Tsuruoka ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

No minuses as such, comfortable to use.

The card is very good. I use it in games and for listening to music (streaming services, lossless) in conjunction with Shure SRH440. Plays very well for its price. Nobody has such omnivorous listening formats in this price category. In games I tried to use improvers, but as for me, it's better without them. I listen to different types of music, but for the most part I prefer four genres - rock, funk, jazz and soul. To be honest, I did not get so many positive emotions from the banal listening to music. I can sit without tension and listen to my favorite songs for two hours. I've never had goosebumps from Heroes or Bridge over Troubled Water before. Many performers I really discovered for myself in a new way. Before that, I listened to music through SB Play! I was pleasantly surprised when I switched :) For those who want to LOSSLESS on this map, and just want to get a rich sound - I'm telling you! When listening to music, use Direct Mode! DSD won't work without it! Regarding filters - I like the fast roll off linear phase more, but here you have to listen to yourself! We configure Windows according to this instruction - https://www. Drive2. Ru/b/464923545076498885/?page=0#comments We use JRiver or foobar as a player (but we need to dig into it). In fact, it doesn't matter which player, the main thing is that it can play directly without changes (ie, that the sampling rate changes according to the source). If we use JRiver, we configure according to this instruction https://forum. Doctorhead. Ru/tutorials/article/134-nastroyka-jriver-media-center-20/ The only but - in the device parameters you need to set more buffering and set DSD in DoP (since the native DSD card does not support). If JRiver is more or less the latest version, click on Use SOX for sampling. And yet - if you have loud headphones - set the internal volume. On it, you don’t lose so much, and save your ears. If you have any questions - write in the comm, I will try to answer!

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  • The sound here is clean, strong, pleasant. Good headphone amplifier. The sound from the microphone is sweet! Support for listening formats up to 32/384 with Direct mode (interesting little thing). Good sound including on speakers (line/optical out). Software - a lot of interesting features, but there are also disadvantages (about them below).
  • Soft, maybe it's just me, but still. If you use Nvidia Shadowplay to instantly repeat, and during recording, remove and plug in the headphones, then somehow there is no sound from the speakers on the video (but there is from the microphone). It heats up quite a bit when listening to music from headphones, but this is more a feature than a drawback :) Unless the price could be lower, 15-16 it is expensive. You can note the tightness of the supports, they answer the question asked the third time (although the problem may be in me (:). One gets the feeling that they work according to the training manual, delving into the essence of the problem a little. But from the third letter you can get an exhaustive answer that solves your problem .

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November 16, 2022
With its pros. Good sound, ease of use, great functionality Has some cons For this money they are not
November 16, 2022
With its pros. After the built-in difference in sound is noticeable. There is certainly a wow effect in games and when listening to music. With its cons. Cheap optical cable included. It is thin and only 1 meter. If you accidentally touch it, the sound disappears.

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