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Review on ViewSonic VX2478 SMHD Frameless Widescreen DisplayPort 2560X1440P, Anti Glare, ‎VX2478-SMHD, LCD, HD, IPS by Jose Perkins

Nice 27 " monitor.

I think this is the first review of this beautiful monitor since it was recently released (VX2778 27"256 x 1440). I'm not a gamer but I use it for 3D applications at 60Hz. I'm comparing it to an old one DELL 2407 (24", 1920 x 1200). -------- Pros: + Bright, excellent contrast, beautiful colors (precise accuracy has not been measured), clarity + 27" at WQHD offers more space compared to 1920 x 1200 without too much font compression .DPI is 109 compared to 94.+ Small bezel Although advertised as "Bezelless" it has a bezel Surrounding the screen is a 1mm thick metal bezel which is the only what you see when the monitor is off an extra black frame 6mm so the total frame is about 7mm it's still quite small the bottom frame is about 1.8cm + Real buttons, handy menu, lots of options to choose from: game mode, web mode, etc. + No defective / he I didn't notice any Pixel IPS highlights + Backlight on/off It can be disabled (menu option).+ No problem, I'm going to sleep. + It has a Vesa connector. + My old DELL had problems with shadows (when something moves), Viewsonic doesn't have noticeable shadows (but I'm not a gamer). Everything runs smoothly. -------- Cons: - Only one cable is included: Displayport - Mini-Displayport. - No DVI input (all new video cards have a display port, so if you have new hardware, that's good): It has a display port, mini-display port, and HDMI. I had many problems connecting. Maybe it was because I had it connected via HDMI. Native resolution was not recognized. The max was only 2048x1152 and it was blurry. I updated the monitor driver (from Viewsonic site) and graphics (from NVIDIA site) but it didn't work. I had to go into the NVIDIA Control Panel and add my own 2560x1440 resolution. Then everything worked out - The stand is well and good, but a little wobbly, less stable than my old DELL (which was also much heavier) - The height is not adjustable. The bottom of the screen is 9.5 cm from the table. The speakers are a good idea, but the sound is okay. ----Edit: A pixel is stuck in the corner. Not that it's visible. Good.

img 1 attached to ViewSonic VX2478 SMHD Frameless Widescreen DisplayPort 2560X1440P, Anti Glare, ‎VX2478-SMHD, LCD, HD, IPS review by Jose Perkins

Pros & cons

  • INCLUDED: LCD monitor, power cord and mini DP to DP cable.
  • Expensive

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