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Review on IRONCK Industrial Bookshelf Double Wide 6-Tier, Open Large Bookcase, Wood And Metal Bookshelves For Home Office, Easy Assembly by Eric Jackson

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Awesome Shelf if Your Expectations are Realistic

To begin, I searched the internet for a shelf to fit my oddly sized living room. I looked for weeks till I finally came across this one. Because it was an online purchase, I was hoping for the best but bracing for the worst. This piece far exceeded my expectations! I'll go into more detail below, but if you're just looking for the quick review, buy it.Full Detailed ReviewAssembly: My husband and I are very experienced in assembling furniture. It normally ends in at least one argument, but this went so smoothly. The assembly instructions are minimal, but straightforward. All of the holes aligned (a rarity!) and everything went together like a dream. It took the 2 of us maybe 30 minutes tops.Sturdiness: Again, amazing. The cross bracing on the back is not just esthetically pleasing but is actually structural. I will be filling it with books and heavy crystals and I have zero concerns for the structural integrity.Now for my few complaints:- STOP PUTTING HARD TO REMOVE STICKERS ON FURNITURE! The letter stickers that indicate the part number come off easily enough, but there was a large Made In China sticker on the top piece of wood that was an absolute beast to get off. There is still a tiny bit of residue I was not able to remove. And of course it was on the bottom of the top, so it is just a tiny bit visible when assembled.- The vertical posts. This was probably my biggest disappointment. One thing I really really wanted was a solid, seamless, frame. I scrutinized the pictures and could not find a seam in the photos provided by the seller, so I went for it. Unfortunately they have either an amazing photographer or these were touched up. There is a seam in the frame just above the 2nd shelf. That said, it really is minimal and because it is so low its barely noticeable. I just feel like there was perhaps a tiny bit of deception on the part of the pics. I included a Pic of the seam so if you're like me and don't want to see it, you can decide for yourself if this works for you.- There were a few spots with meh powder coating. They were all really small and not worth sending it back, but there it one that may need to be filed and touched up. Not a problem for me, but could be a deal breaker for someone else. I included a Pic of the big bump I'll fix at some point.In summary, buy this shelf! Despite the few cons I mentioned, I think the pros far outweigh and issues you may need to overcome!I purchased 2 but have only out one together so far. I will update my review if my thoughts chmage for any reason after assembling the 2nd one.

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  • The industrial bookshelf is designed to fit in many settings, from living rooms to kitchens, and offices, improving your storage organization
  • May not be sturdy enough to hold multiple heavy items