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Review on Highly Efficient Seachem Purigen for Freshwater & Saltwater Filtration by Victoria Shaw

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Seachem Purigen before and after

Seachem Purigen was recommended to me by a pet store. I have purchased Seachem Purigen several times. I buy Purigen in pre-packaged sachets. My first experience with Purigen cleared the cloudy water in my fresh water tank and the water stayed crystal clear for weeks. I have several small fresh water tanks and have been quite happy with my first two purchases of multiple packs of Purigen. However, on my third and last purchase, the quality and appearance of the Purigen packs have changed. The Purigen pearls weren't bright white, but what's more noticeable is that the fabric and pack sizes have changed. The fabric is stiff compared to my previous purchases and the shape (narrow and thin) doesn't match the filter compartments. The Purigen granules are smaller and will flow out of the cloth bag and spread throughout the tank. I couldn't use the Purigen bags as they would foul the aquarium with small beads and I was afraid the fish would eat them. Seachem is still my favorite brand of aquarium solutions but with the changes to the Purigen line of products I will no longer be buying from Seachem.

  • Very impressive
  • boring packaging