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Review on Improve Air Quality With Lemige 2 Pack Filter E For HC-14 Series, Compatible With HCM-6009, HCM-6011, HEV680 And HEV685 Series by Wayne Gilbert

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not OEM quality/performance, but good enough and a good deal

These are a decent replacement water wick element filter for the models stated. It is somewhat less rigid than the OEM product, but I have pulled the blower unit off after the wick has been used for a while and there's no trouble reassembling things. It's easily good enough.I don't have any specific data regarding evaporation rates or output, but my experience is that it may transfer slightly less water, but that amount likely isn't any more than a 10% variance. Whereas the original equipment would empty both tanks in 7.5 hours, it now takes about 8 hours on the same settings. That could however be that my unit is a little older now and less efficient.Nevertheless, assuming that my Honeywell humidifier is still working when I get through these 4 filters, I'd definitely buy them again.

  • Looks like the one that came in humidifier. Easy order and received promptly.
  • Filters are made of non-recyclable materials, contributing to environmental waste