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Review on Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A23 6/128 GB, black by Bima ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

~ About Always On Display. I don’t understand the experience: all notifications are shown on the lock screen, the clock, weather, applications, the player, you can make a detailed view with text from messages in instant messengers and more. ~ Video Stabilization: Always Optical Stabilization by default. Works great, especially for a phone. In the settings you can enable additional digital stabilization. Steps will be almost imperceptible with it, but the picture will "float" a little, it works like that everywhere. I turned off the digital and it got much better. I'm sorry I can't attach examples, here you can only photos. ~ When a photo at dusk is of poor quality, it does not appear grainy, like for example with Redmi, it seems to be rendered. With a strong zoom, the same thing happens. Like a comic or sketch. On a clear day or without zoom, it takes great pictures! Even on the front. Color rendition is great! Here are the most realistic colors. ~ At night, the pictures are completely recognizable. You can take a picture of the moon, stars (with exposure settings), a person, in the evening you can shoot a sunset. The light sensitivity here is programmatically controlled by "spots" aiming at the face, so with the right composition you can shoot a person against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset WITHOUT LIGHTS! ~ I have 6GB RAM and 128GB total memory. Fire speed. A bunch of applications are always in the background and so far none have ever restarted, they open in the same place. There was not a single "sudden" reboot, not a single "freeze", "crash" and the like. ~ There are Samsung themes, where icons for every taste. ~ I have a Kazakh version, there is no pre-installed bunch of programs. True, because of this, a phone with a foreign plug was given an adapter for free. ~ NFC. There is a version WITHOUT NFC, and there is C NFC (6k more expensive). Watch carefully which one you order, with NFC prices from 20-21k. So just check with the seller which version of the model you are ordering. (I changed my mind about posting photos with people because of privacy. ♥ The quality there is much better than on landscape ones.)

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  • + The phone itself is beautiful: beautiful back cover, chic color. I took cream, the color is EXACTLY the same as in the photo in the market. + Good color rendering. The display is not AMOLED, so over time the LEDs will not burn out, it will show the same. Here pls which is better than IPS in terms of pixel density. (Although I also love AMOLED). + The battery lasts a long time if you use the phone as a phone. When Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geolocation and a bunch of other things are always on, with 3 background applications on an ongoing basis and periodic surfing for 40 minutes, you can not charge for two days. + The sensitivity of the sensor is excellent. + In the application menu, if you use the standard One UI shell, you can group applications into folders. + Settings for sound volume are separate. When using the rocker, you adjust the media sound (player, movies, games.), there is also a quick button to adjust ringtone, notification and system sounds. + The speaker is loud. + The interlocutor is heard well. Sometimes you have to mute the volume, otherwise you can hear everything without putting it to your ear. Adjusting this volume is also pleasing. + There is an equalizer and sound settings "for yourself". + Glitches and bugs have not yet found a single one, at all. + There is a recording of conversations where you can hear not only your voice, but also the interlocutor. The interlocutor will not know about it. + There is a blocking of numbers. + There is a change in the background when calling, the location of the data. + A lot of settings to change the interface. + There is dimming. It is very convenient when you take the phone at night and press the dimming button. The screen is "muted", but it is still visible well. A very handy item. + Good screen brightness. In the bright sun, everything is clearly visible even at 60-70% brightness. + Good speed and performance. I have never reopened the application from scratch. + Good cameras. + Optical stabilization. + Many settings for photos (iso, ev), including background blur and slow-mo, HDR. + There is a split-screen. + There is a rotary desktop mode. + 3 slots: 2 for SIM and 1 for microSD. + There is NFC.
  • - No LED to indicate notifications. - The phone without a case is very thin and slippery. - The phone is NOT shockproof. Before buying a cover, slipped out of my hands and fell on the carpet in the hallway. Received three small scratches, 1 at the bottom and two at the corner. One of them pops up on the screen. So Gorilla Glass or not, I do not advise dropping it. Protection, consider, no. - The fingerprint scanner works in 60-70% of cases. Sometimes you have to try 3-5 times. - Photos at dusk are a little blue. - Video recording is limited to 30fps, ironically. - There is only one speaker, there will be no stereo sound. Although it is loud, it is more pleasant to listen to something in the headphones. I don't use my phone as a speaker (it's pretty dumb), so I'm fine. But there is a function of connecting with other devices, you can make all of them a kind of speakers that will play sound from your phone (for example, friends' phones and any smart devices). - The body behind quickly gets dirty, but it also wipes very quickly.

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July 17, 2023
a good "budget" phone at an overpriced (subjectively) price with an interesting design.
July 04, 2023
Some pros: Samsung. Good camera. Color . I took my wife, I liked it) Value for money - quality 4-5. Got cons: If worn without a cover, easily soiled, fingers remain.
May 29, 2023
Has pros: Great service. The staff is friendly, ordering is fast. With its cons. I did not find any shortcomings.