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Review on Dell Monitor S2417DG 24 Inch Response 60Hz by Tyler Fournier

Awesome 1440p G-Sync gaming monitor!

I bought this monitor as an upgrade for the AOC G2460PQU 144Hz 1080p TN gaming monitor. This monitor is a worthy upgrade. First, higher resolution is great. All text is much sharper and thanks to the higher resolution you can see more texture detail in games. By comparison, text looks either blurry or pixelated on my secondary 24-inch 1080p display. At this price point, there are few 1440p gaming monitors with the same features, and the higher resolution makes it worth the price. But that's not all: the maximum refresh rate is higher, 165 Hz compared to 144 Hz on my old monitor. This 165 Hz is an overclocked frequency that needs to be enabled in the monitor's OSD menu. The higher refresh rate worked immediately after installation and I had no problems running the monitor at 165Hz. 165Hz vs 144Hz is pretty academic as I can't tell the 21Hz difference, but it's good that the monitor works as advertised. . The Nvidia driver will automatically detect the monitor and enable G-Sync on it. G-Sync is a cool technology that basically combines V-Sync without tearing but eliminates the input lag caused by V-Sync. I've never had any problems with it. Finally, this monitor is well built, has a good stand with a cable routing hole and all the necessary tilt/swivel functions. This is a Dell monitor; These things are built to last. A few things to note: Color calibration out of the box is pretty poor and the default ICC driver profile makes colors look washed out. I'm using tftcentral's ICC profile with monitor RGB settings of 93:93:100. Some people say their monitor suffers from light spots around the edges and around the power button. I did not notice such light spots on my device. Dell may have improved its manufacturing process to address these issues. I also disabled deep sleep and power saving modes. I've had a few instances where the monitor wouldn't wake up when I wake the computer from sleep, but disabling that deep sleep mode fixed the issue.

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