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Review on Pioneer Car SPH-10BT by Kio Mateo ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I have not regretted the purchase, everything is fine.

In general, the product leaves a positive impression both in terms of sound and its capabilities, BUT there is some nuance everywhere. That is, the idea is great, but the implementation requires improvements at almost every stage. But even so, the product is more functional than other 1din bricks without such a dense work with a smartphone. From myself, I can give advice to buy a flash drive without a case, remove the plug for the USB port (3 bolts on the back panel, take out the contents and the plug falls back) so that it does not stick out to the side and insert the flash drive into the level with the socket. looks complete. And stretch a separate charging wire hidden under the torpedo panel into the smartphone, leaving a tail, purely to stick it into the smartphone when it is in its place.

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  • 1. There is sound, and it's not bad. After the regular Toyota radio of the 10s, it feels like I also changed the speakers. 2. The main plus is working through a smartphone, that is, in fact, you get an Android radio tape recorder, but at the same time you can throw all the sounds of what is happening on the smartphone to the car's speakers, 3. As a consequence of the previous paragraph, any online music services work, but are controlled by the radio controls. And even FB tracks in the shell of the radio desktop interface. Launched, left, then everything switches from the radio. 4. Setting the sound from the smartphone. 5. The ability to navigate folders on a flash drive through a smartphone screen, which means we can create entire directory trees. 6. The ability to put your own screen saver / photo and adapt the colors of the radio to it, creating the impression that everything is one inseparable system. 7. Very high-quality speakerphone to the salon and the ability to receive a call with the button from the radio, which is very convenient tactile when you do not need to point your finger at the smartphone screen. Very good feedback about the microphone from the interlocutors. 8. The ability to select a navigation system from a smartphone + navigation is called by a button on the panel. 9. Dash mode, in fact, on the smartphone desktop you have a magnetic panel with speed and compass, clock, current music activity and service icons at the bottom. Desktops scroll left/right to go either to the settings or the menu (selecting radio stations in the radio\folders in USB mode, etc.) 10. Easy to install. Removable frame, socket, socket frame, ICO. In short, he will stick himself anywhere without dancing with tambourines. 11. The smartphone mount can be pulled forward extremely far, so even if the slot is recessed into the torpedo or there is a visor over the slot, the mount can still be pulled out and the smartphone will be placed vertically.
  • 1. Smartphone pairing is random. Sometimes everything just happens. Sometimes you have to open an app and wait. Most often, you need to open the application, then hold down the pairing button with a smartphone on the radio, and only then they will become friends. 2. Search for preset radio stations. In short, you can remember 6 stations, but when you turn on the last one works for you. The rest, if you want to switch immediately, will be EACH for 5-10 seconds. If you don't rush, they will load in the background themselves in a minute. But right away, no. 3. Periodically, the analog application control buttons from the radio panel "disappear", that is, you press the navigation, but it is not called. You need to press the same icon, but on the smartphone screen. 4. Volume buttons are a failure. Not only is there no knob and you need to press up / down, but you can’t pinch it either. That is, to change by 15 units, you need to poke the button 15 times. For a car system, this is stupidly not safe. 5. The radio interface completely does not provide for operation without a smartphone. Something can be done, but 90% of the functionality is inside the smartphone. And the most offensive of all is that there are many basic functions that must be performed from the regular socket. 6. Album and track covers for mp3 files are not loaded at all. In the photo of the radio and its reviews, the covers burn beautifully. Uploaded 10 gigs of music with cover tracks. But on the slave table there is an empty frame with a note icon. The same goes for playback sources. It was already possible to draw a radio, smartphone, BT in the cover field, and not an empty frame. 7. In Dash mode, the speedometer on the smartphone screen after 40-50km/h stably shows the speed 10km lower than the real one. And this is not a smartphone GPS jamb, because. other applications show the speed correctly. 8. Voice control - complete dumb. Instead of calling the navigator or calling through the voice recorder in 200 attempts, it's easier to say OK Google and do the same instantly.

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