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Review on Apple iPhone SE 2020 128GB Smartphone, (PRODUCT)RED, Slimbox by Pornthip Muakpung ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Full compliance with the manufacturer's assurances, high quality.

In general, the phenomenal situation is with this smartphone. I have never seen so many reviews written by people who, it seems, have not even seen a smartphone live, and even more so have not used it. The desire to rot even a niche, but a good product is simply amazing. Everyone is outraged by the 1800 mAh battery. Fact: I have an iPhone 6 Plus, which has a new battery, for a second, 2915 mAh (almost twice as much), with the same use, 6 Plus lives a maximum of 1.5 days, while I understand that it has a larger screen ( but the impression of the image is the same, while the phone is bulky and inconvenient to use). I had a OnePlus 7T Pro (which started to slow down after 1.5 months of use), it with its battery (4000 mAh) lasted a maximum of 3 days (moreover, it has a 90 GHz screen - and the SE 2022 has a 60 GHz screen, and animations on Oxygen OS are still jerky, jerky and fast, while SE is fine). First, use the device at least at the booth in the store, and then write your "honest, reasoned, objective" reviews. For me, this smartphone, after using a good but "deflated" OnePlus 7T Pro, as well as a "bangs" iPhone 11, became the best in 2022. I express my sincere gratitude to Apple Corporation for listening to certain niches of smartphone consumers, and understanding that people like me don’t really need much. Have a good day everyone.

img 1 attached to Apple iPhone SE 2020 128GB Smartphone, (PRODUCT)RED, Slimbox review by Pornthip Muakpung ᠌
img 2 attached to Apple iPhone SE 2020 128GB Smartphone, (PRODUCT)RED, Slimbox review by Pornthip Muakpung ᠌

  • - Appearance: the classic form factor of a smartphone from Apple, easy to distinguish from other smartphones of the corporation (the logo is in the center of the back panel, unlike the iPhone 8); color options are also classic - white (with a black front panel - in the style of white iPhone 3G / 3GS, I recommend taking this particular color), black (I don’t recommend taking it - it’s actually gray, it gets dirty easily and all defects will be clearly visible) and red (for an amateur, that's the color I took). -Ease of use: the buttons are conveniently located, all controls are easy to reach, in the hand lies perfectly. Light enough, but not so light that it slips out of a pocket in a taxi unnoticed (as was the case with the 5S, SE 1st generation). -Workmanship: At the height - glass, the gaps are minimal, there are no squeaks, everything is smooth, the oleophobic coating is resistant, the finger slides easily). -Memory size: an excellent solution to make the minimum version 64GB - I have enough without problems, half more is free, other volume options are for those who do not monitor their workspace. -Performance: games run any, without brakes, at a stable 30/60 FPS (depending on games), applications also do not slow down, RAM 3GB - holds about 12 applications in memory for multitasking. -OS: iOS 13.4 out of the box - found no bugs, the system works quickly, smoothly, and everything is organized clearly. -Battery: in mixed mode of use (used about 30, put down, used again, etc.) lasts about 2 days (maximum - 2.5 days) at 100%. Gives about 6-7 hours of active screen operation (see attached pictures). -Camera: second best video stabilization on the market (behind iPhone 11/11 Pro), shots in good light are also detailed; and with only one camera module - there are "bokeh" effects (they work decently, but a little worse than with a telephoto module) -Screen: no bangs, no holes - a flat screen. You can't see pixels at a normal working distance, a picture with optimal color reproduction. - Water protection: IP67 is.
  • -Camera: No night mode, but given how unnatural nighttime shots are on smartphones that do have one, it's not a big loss. -Price: I took it at the start for 39,900. - a little expensive, if it's over 33900 - perfect.